Nick Saban Alabama Football Presser Speech on Second Chances delivered 20 December 2014 Question: Just want to ask you about how you feel about D.J. Pettway’s play this year. And also, I guess, you know, he got his degree recently.

Being a prominent leader during the Civil Rights movement was a perilous position to occupy. Very few people have the guts to make themselves the face of a movement, and even fewer succeed at it. Ralph Abernathy was an American

A good place to gather information in regards to Black social thought. The Deltas had a very nice forum in regards to the Holocaust and how African Americans at AAMU said it affected them as well as other Blacks in

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Policy Analysis I Paper CJA 463 Policy Analysis I Paper The new Alabama Immigration Law has set a new get tough standard for immigration law and policies. The law “[outlaws illegal immigrants from receiving any state or local public benefits,

By the same act, the petitioner committed crimes in two states. The men who he hired kidnapped his wife in one state and killed her in another. In February 1982, the petitioner pleaded guilty to “malice murder” in Georgia in

A look at the 1930 Alabama lynching of nine black youths accused of rape. This paper reports on the Scottsboro lynching of 1930. The case of the Scottsboro Boys was one that showed the tensions between Northerners and Southerners, blacks

An examination of lifestyle aboard the Confederate Raider. This paper is an examination of the Confederate Raider CSS Alabama. There is a short background history of the Confederate Navy. The paper purports to illustrate life aboard the cruiser by describing

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