Tax in the Philippines is controlled by the Bureau of Internal Revenue ( Philippines ) . Taxes in the Philippines scope from 5 % to 35 % [ 1 ] Exceptions25. 000 Pesos for persons [ 1 ]30. 000 Pesos

The Alcoholic Republic The colonization of America brought about many new ways of life: new living conditions, new skills to be learned, and new land to explore and settle. Relations with the natives provided food and basic skill sets, and

Liver disease related to alcohol consumption fits into one of three categories: fatty liver (Steatosis), alcoholic hepatitis (Steatohepatitis), and alcoholic cirrhosis. Alcoholic fatty liver is a condition that can develop within days of excessive alcohol consumption. Typically there are no

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Alcoholic Anonymous has the implication of a fellowship whose membership is composed of both men as well as women sharing a common experience, their potential strength as well as hope amongst themselves, in an anticipation of resolving a problem of

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