It may also be noted from the given examples that to solve a given problem, every instruction must be strictly carried out in a particular sequence. It is this fact, which a beginner to problem solving by computers finds difficult

I am also highly indebted to my supervisors Faisal Shafait and Ilya  Mezhirov, who seemed to have solutions to all my problems. Author The report presents the three tasks completed during summer internship at IUPR  which are listed below: 1. Detection   of   headlines   in   document   images   with   black   run­lengths   and  OCRopus performance evaluation in detecting headlines 2. Re­engineering the zone­classification module 3. Evaluation of different segmentation algorithms performance All these tasks have been completed successfully and results were according to  expectations. The detection  of  headlines achieved a low error rate of 2. 85% as  against   6. 52

As the complexity of systems-on-a-chip continues to increase, the difficulty and cost of testing such chips is increasing rapidly. One of the challenges in testing SOC is dealing with the large size of test data that must be stored in

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