Months before the release of “American Doll Posse,” Tori Amos’s ninth studio album, she described it as an opportunity to showcase her “warrior woman” persona. After years of radio-friendly singles with mature but easy-to-grasp lyrics, fans were more than ready

Hamilton, the musical that won a total of eleven Tony awards, was produced by Lin-Manuel Miranda. It has an amazing script in addition to an excellent music album. Lin produced these songs with intent that the listeners would react differently.

Fall Out Boy came back with a bang after a too long hiatus with Save Rock and Roll and while they didn’t quite save rock and roll, they re-created themselves in the best way possible. With guest singers like Elton

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Growing up as a military child, Khalid had to move a lot. He first found his interest in music when he was four and started singing when he could pronounce words, and his mom had a big influence on this

I heard your eyes rolling when you read that heading, but hear me out! Alexander Hamilton is a catchy soundtrack, Broadway Phenomenon, and a sold out show that has a waiting list a mile long, with tickets that are near

Lupe Fiasco is well known as one of hip-hop’s most polarizing figures. His fearlessness to speak his mind and share his opinion on varying topics from politics to racism and oppression draws a diverse and attentive audience like no other.

AMERICAN lV: The Man Comes Around The Man Comes Around is poised as the next chapter in Cash’s darkling fairy tale, the fourth in an ongoing series of most covers in albums on which he gives material by some of

This album is one of the greatest albums to hit the market. It is good old fashioned music and has a good meaning in every song. Each song has plenty of twang that any country boy would love to hear.

It was a cold, chilly Saturday night in New York City. At Madison Square Garden,LCD Soundsystem slowly emerged onto the stage as the lights came on to the repetitive beat of “Dance Yrself Clean” and the crowd roared in applause.

“How does a bastard, orphan, son of a wh**e” become a smashing Broadway success? By combining brilliant, historically accurate lyrics with rap, six-part harmonies, and strong hip-hop influences. “Hamilton: An American Musical,” written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and starring Miranda as

No matter how much hype this amazing musical earns, I’m never quite satisfied (much like Angelica) with the amount of appreciation that goes toward the brilliantly thought out and in-depth analogy within the lyrics and even music. I consider Lin

I recently read the December issue of The 21st Century. And liking music, I opened up to the music reviews. I read the reviews on Nirvana, Madonna, Warren B, R.E.M., and others. Much to my dismay there was nothing from

Growing up in Malaysia is not necessarily easy. With local books, adults and the government trying to convince children how perfect, how great, how amazing our country is when you know otherwise; it never is. You get this sense of

Another great CD I have bought is American Idiot by Green Day.It is the first of Green Day’s rock operas about the fictional character the Jesus of Suburbia who runs away.The track list is as follows 1. American Idiot 2.

With so many songs revolving around teenage love and heartbreak these days, it can be challenging to find any albums that stand out anymore. That was until nineteen-year-old pop and R&B artist Khalid, began putting a new spin on the

You’ll definitely remember this amazing album for centuries. The band Fall Out Boy did it again with their new memento American Beauty/American Psycho. This unique sound executed on the collection is what appeals most to listeners. Under the alternative genre,

Hamilton: An American Musical, is truly a work of art – a hip-hop masterpiece. Hamilton is about Alexander Hamilton’s life, from the time he was 19 to his fatal duel with Aaron Burr. Feturing a wonderful cast of characters such

In the Philosophy of Andy Warhol he states, “They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” Mr.Warhol’s words are a reminder to me of my similar entelechy. I often speculate what I would

Ronald Regan once professed, “The American dream is that every man must be free to become whatever God intends him to become.” Under this idea of the American dream, opportunities prove boundless. Every American has the freedom to explore any

My first best friend is someone who edits my essays. My second best friend is my computer. My third best friends are the nameless, faceless editors of Wikipedia. My battles are not fought with pens or swords, but with the

When I was 13, life was good, life seemed easy. My parents were living the American Dream after coming from Poland as immigrants. After a lifetime of hard work and sacrifice, things finally started coming into place. For me, bad

The Indian tribes of the New World would not have considered what was talked about in Valladolid, Spain during 1550 a debate of merit. Certainly all human beings on earth have value and are capable of living their own lives

Western consumers are amongst the most ignorant and not to mention, rash consumers on the planet. Sadly, American consumers are the poster children for such blind purchasing. How often do you see a quite rotund individual in line at a

If Barack Obama would become president how would he affect the black community? Barack Obama was born in Hawaii on August 4th, 1961 to the parents of Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr. Barack’s parents met each other at Harvard

The world we live in can be considered as being a complex system of values and traditions, of customs, and national identities. The differences that lie at the basis of each of the world’s civilizations and cultures is what gives

The clerk of the neighborhood grocery store stood in disbelief as I unloaded Cheerios, milk, and Twizzlers from my cart. “Where is your mother? Is she paying?” he asked, stooping to my level. “Nope, I am,” I replied nonchalantly, revealing

There is no single story of American history, there is no timeline with its own entirety that can be taught. Yet, that’s how history is taught in school: as a single timeline of events all leading up to what the

Just look at the faces of the immigrants arriving to the New World on the cramped boats in the late eighteen hundreds. Look at lady Liberty and how she holds her torch up. For many, if you were to ask

It’s 1965 in Northern Vietnam, and soldiers are hiding in the bushes, waiting to attack. It’s the dead of night, and every single person is as quiet as a mouse, not daring to move. Then, all of a sudden, came

When I came to the United States, I was a foreigner. I didn’t know English and I didn’t dress like everybody else. I could still remember my first day in third grade – arriving with my mom and having nothing

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