Most African-American Muslims look to mainstream orthodox Muslim organizations such as the Muslim Society of America (Christian Science Monitor, February 14, 2002). This includes believers once affiliated with NOI who eventually parted ways with the group due to its emphasis

When Adolf Hitler rose to power in 1933 he had already divulged most of his far-reaching plans for war in Europe and especially for war in the east, against Russia. Also divulged was his violent antisemiticism and his ambition to

Language is very important in the society because it enables people to communicate with each other and for them to participate meaningfully in the affairs of the society. For first generation immigrants to the United States, however, the problem of

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Gangster films had been present since the early 1900s. During the time of silent films, there had been gangster films which mostly present various types of aspects regarding the life of gangsters. From then on, many individuals had remained very

John Adams is an important figure in the history of this country at the most important time in its history: the time of its birth. He is a towering figure in American History and his accomplishments speak to protecting the

One of the most powerful and influential civil rights leaders in American history, Adam Clayton Powell was one of the pioneering men ever to be advocates of African-American rights in the 20th century. He was also a Baptist minister and

The Whybrow’s article “Adam Smith’s American Dream: of Desire and Debt” provides a critical review of the American Dream applied to a contemporary society. The style of writing is narrative, though is strongly supported by evidence. The author provides relevant

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has been the most inclusive and wide-ranging civil rights legislation adopted to rule out all forms of discrimination and exclusion committed towards differently-able or disabled individuals in both private and public entities. For many

Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL), which is known as acute lymphoblastic leukemia. It is a kind of cancer which initiates from white blood cells in the bone marrow which is the soft inner part of the bones called lymphocytes. In some

The people created the government to safeguard their individual interest and the interest of society. Democracy works upon the assumption that the power to rule belongs to the people. Public officials are mere representatives of the state. The state was

Euthanasia is the act of ending another person’s life, either with or without their consent or assistance, performed generally in order to end one’s suffering.  It manifests in two main forms; “active euthanasia” is the act of directly causing someone’s

Education plays an important role for individuals to fully reach their potential and it also substantially contributes to the development of the society as a whole. The processes of teaching and learning are greatly embodied in the concept of education

This doctoral dissertation will be conducted to determine the intensity of need for abused victims’ therapist hotline, one stop shop and law enforcers in diverse States of America. It will make use of the experimental method of research as it

The American Revolution can be considered as the most important event within American history. Through this event, a collection of colonies transformed themselves into a unified government and society, one that embarked on the longest and most successful demonstration of

Some people argue that African Americans are still invisible in most media outlets. One such author is Professor Rudolph Alexander of the University of Ohio. In his book “Racism, African Americans and Social Justice”, the latter author argues that in

The western migration of the mid-nineteenth century was a time of uncertainty for America.  It was also a time of excitement because of the new adventures that awaited Americans.  Although western migration was difficult, many chose to undertake it because

There are several key reasons that combined to generate a victory for America in the American Revolution.  First of all, the American troops, while composed primarily of untrained farmers, held the home-field advantage.  They knew more about the terrain and

Musical is an art of arranging sounds in a particular pattern to create a pleasant harmony to the ears of the listeners. Just like the industrial revolution took time to reach its present level, the two major forms of musical

The American legal system adequately responds to all areas of environment; from socio-cultural to technological and economical, thus making it comprehensive, fair and democratic. Its laws are based on what is believed to be correct, a collection of social customs

The United States foreign relations are considered to be highly influential. In its international foreign policy, it includes military intervention and deployment as some of the most important policies, they use these policies to help countries change regimes that are

When the moment comes that we need to choose between education and punishment, what shall we choose? Shall we punish a young boy attempting to steal a purse from a woman in a dark street? Or, shall we try to

The tone of a literary work encompasses the author’s attitude toward the subject and toward the audience. Both “Emancipation” and “Brown vs. Board of Education” are nonfiction essays used to describe important events in American history. At points in each

“Jim Crow was more than a series of rigid anti-black laws. It was a way of life” (What Was Jim Crow, 2012). After reading this article I learned that Jim Crow was basically the name of a racial social system

Martin Luther King Jr.’s thesis in Letter from a Birmingham Jail states why he is in Birmingham. Though he is not from there, he is there because of the many injustices done by the white people towards the black community.

Remember when you were a child and somebody asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up? Personally, I wanted to be a NASCAR racer. I know, a little far-fetched if you think about it. When we were

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