Positive and Negative Controls 1. Why are there a number of washing steps in serological tests? The are a number of steps needed in order to remove any non specific binding that may have occurred. 2. Describe how you would

Explain why the antibodies allow scientists to target and identify specific disease agents. The antibodies are specific to the antigen they destroy. 2. Why is the secondary antibody used in the ELISA test conjugated with an enzyme? What happens when

Using Direct Fluorescent Antibody Technique to Test for Chlamydia 1. Describe the importance of the washing steps in the direct antibody fluorescence test. It’s very important for the washing steps in the direct antibody fluorescence test to decrease the no-specific

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(1) Direct ELISAs involve attachment of the antigen to the solid phase, followed by an enzyme-labeled antibody. This type of assay generally makes measurement of crude samples difficult, since contaminating proteins compete for plastic binding sites. Indirect ELISA (2) Indirect

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