Land snails are used as an archeological methodological analysis of retracing the yesteryear and are an environmental method that can make full in the spreads of other methods. For illustration. pollen and macroscopic works affair survey show the general alteration

The poem of Beowulf proves to be a controversial topic as to whether It Is fact or fiction. Although Beowulf consists of ferocious monsters, glorious heroes and other fictional assets, there is much evidence that points toward a much more

Where is Herculaneum located? What happened to the city? Herculaneum is near Pompeii. The city was buried and frozen in time due to eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Why is Herculaneum important to archeology today? Herculaneum is important to archeology today

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The physical remains of humanly made artifacts form the bulk of the archaeological record. The artifacts that are found by archaeologists may not represent the range of objects actually used because certain materials preserve better than others. For this reason,

Herculaneum is important to society because they have a better chance of piecing together the mysteries of Herculaneum than any other site. All the evidence has been well preserved making it easier to piece together this ancient society. 3. What

Impact of hunting by early humans (early Pleistocene) & environmental changes on megafauna population. Widespread extinctions began on the continent of Australia during the late Pleistocene. Many of the animals that disappeared were medium- to large-sized herbivores. Their demise may

This paper compares and contrasts the roles Solon and Cleisthenes played in the formation of the world’s first democratic government. The development of a democratic form of government in ancient Athens was arguably one of the most important occurrences in

A detailed picture of the development of man from past to present, with comparisons to the modern-day human being. This paper focuses on the new evolved state of human beings where we are actually questioning our origins and how we

This paper looks at different aspects of Egyptian Art. This paper is an examination of the artwork of ancient Egypt. It looks at the paintings of ancient Egypt and explores the different messages that they hold within. Some of the

A comparison of Egyptian, Greek and Roman culture through sculpture. This paper examines how a society’s ideals are reflected in its sculpture, through the example of comparing Egyptian, Greek and Roman Sculpture. The author describes the characteristics of these societies

A paper which explains research findings at the archaeological site of the city of Ur. The site of Ur, an ancient city in Mesopotamia, is an archaeological site rich in findings of the Sumerian culture and history. This paper explains

An archeological analysis of the cross-cultural influences of peoples crossing between Siberia and Alaska over land or sea. Discusses evidence, theories and examples. The earliest human beings to enter the American continent crossed the Bering land bridge between Siberia and

This paper compares and contrasts the Permian and Cretaceous-Tertiary mass extinctions. This paper takes a look at the Permian and Cretaceous-Tertiary periods of life on Earth – pre-historic forms of life from sea creatures to land and air creatures. During

A history of Meso-America, with an in-depth study of the Toltecs. This paper looks at the world of the Toltecs, focusing on how they were shaped and how they helped to shape a larger Meso-American cultural grouping that shared a

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