Subcultures Four of the subcultures that I am a part of are first, being a mother, second a student at EACC, third, an Arkansas Razorbacks fan and finally, my religion. Being a mother is the most important subculture that I

During the American Civil War, there were such things called guerrillas. No, I am not talking about the muscular black creatures that hide in the jungle. Though that is exactly how the Confederate independent companies got there name. Where and

The State of Arkansas was selected as the example state because of its proximity to surrounding states of Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri, and Okalahoma and the frequency in which individuals change their residency between the surrounding States. The research examines the

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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the state of Arkansas? Chances are, that as an Arkansan the thoughts are quite different than those of someone not born or raised here. Hillbilly, redneck, barefoot,

Evidently, there is an expression about “being caught between the Hawks and Buzzards” that a lot of older Arkansans may know. It is probably because they heard their relatives talk about it from the generations of relatives that fought on

Examines Bill Clinton’s campaign from political communications perspective, focusing on candidate’s & voters’ values & attitudes in theory & practice. This research examines the 1980 campaign for governor in Arkansas from a political communications perspective. The significance of this research

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