Although Kings At Heart’s self-titled album was released in 2012, it is one album that needs to be shared with everyone. The Australian band Kings At Heart isn’t just a regular melodic hardcore band. They have a sound all their

“Raise a glass, hold it high and make it last, here’s a toast to all of the boys and the girls!” sings Petros of Dizzy Balloon. Then, in the background we hear the playful piano, the rhythmic drums, the lead

Thy Art Is Murder is a deathcore/death metal band that have been well received by fans of metal in,its self due to their unique idea of this heavy hardcore styled genre. From Australia too, which I find is not a

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Al Stewart – Year Of The Cat Al Stewart was born September 5, 1945 in Scotland, UK. He is a Scottish Folk-rock singer-songwriter and guitarist. Year Of The Cat is his best known album and was released in 1976. It

“Live Art” is a compilation of tunes from live shows performed between 1992 and 1995. For those who don’t know, the Flecktones sing a popular type of music known as jazzgrass, which combines stylistic elements of jazz and bluegrass. Prior

The Art of Drowning, released in 2002, is by no means the most recent effort of Californian rock quartet AFI, but it is most definitely one of their finest. AFI, or A Fire Inside, unquestionably lives up to their name

Sam Hart, a musician located in the bay of California, can be found making a mixer of melodies on his well known Youtube page. Not only can he bring you to tears with some of his songs, but he can

After falling in love with this band after hearing their self titled album early last year, I was very excited to hear more from The Pains of Being Pure at Heart since they had only released a 4 song EP

The long-awaited new release from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony has come. Their fourth album, a double CD, shows once again Bone’s excellent ability to produce music. Despite the recent loss of Eazy-E (the men who gave the four thugs their first chance

Quitting has a stigma attached to it. It shows that a person is not dedicated, is flaky and unreliable, and most likely has commitment issues. But is that really fair? I don’t think so, because I am one of the

I wasn’t always so wallflower-like. In fact, I was pretty optimistic back in elementary. As far as I was concerned, no one gave a crap about whether your teeth were crooked (like mine) or whether your hair was a mess.

The Uniqueness of Art Art is something that can be very different. Looking around the museum I saw pieces that were so different. Each with their own individual styles. One piece in particular caught my eye. It was one from

A Call of Heart The last thing I ever wanted to do was be a teacher. Sure, as a little girl I lined up my dolls and handed out homemade worksheets for them to do, but once I reached middle

The blue paint, vibrant against the green background, sponges into blobs creating a rounded, multiple-pedals effect. As white is added to the very edges, just a tint, the colors slowly blend together. I dip my paintbrush in the bright, lime

It seemed like we had been in the car forever. I was curled up in the front, my feet on the seat because the floor was entirely jammed with maps and guidebooks, my backpack, and sweatshirts. A canvas bag overflowed

If art is expressing yourself, a way to show your innermost emotions and ideals, if art is a way to draw people together, for a purpose or a product, then what is the art teacher? To not only follow these

It only takes a moment for the words to stretch and find themselves snapping into place. They reach and converse until it all makes some sort of sense and there’s my expression. I found myself looking for poetry in everything.

I corral the graphite, charcoal, ink and erasers from their random positions on my desk and arrange them into my blue tool box. Zipping a board and a pad of paper into my canvas portfolio, I grab the tool box

I learn because I cannot imagine a world where we accept life as it hits us. I cannot imagine a world with no questions, no curiosity, no eureka moment of discovery. Such a place does not, and should not, ever

Art. Art everywhere. My eyes scan the room, like the south pole of a magnet looking for the north, and are instantly pulled to a piece calledEntwined #2 by Gail Katz-James. It consists of welded steel rods, washers, and wire

For the longest time, I’ve always wanted a cat. My obsession started in second grade when we had to do a research project on a prehistoric animal; I chose the saber-tooth tiger. It was the ferocious snarling face that revealed

Art did not start out as a hobby for me. Around middle school, my main source of motivation was competitiveness. Accepting tasks because I wanted to be on top was the edge that was necessary for me to fulfill them.

After many weeks with my green glow-in-the-dark cast on I returned to the hospital to have it removed. I didn’t understand why I was going back. After all, I thought the doctor had fixed my arm the best he could.

My career goal is driven by my ambition to succeed in life. The Art Institute of Houston will help me achieve that goal, to become a better person and to be open-minded towards everybody’s opinions and style. In high School

‘We can’t wait any longer. We need to pack up shop and get out of here.’ ‘Not without the girl. We don’t know how much Mr. Silverstein told her about us. If we let her go, she could go to

The need for an open mind and welcoming thoughts is great when walking into any type of barn. If one walks into a barn with a mindset that is trapped and fixed, they are only going to notice the things

The first memory I have of this world is of a white room— pure, bright, and unsullied. Light fluttered through the window and danced across the floors and over to my crib. I lay there in awe, trying to take

One day on the bus after a dragging 8 hours of school I couldn’t wait to get home, lie in bed and watch some TV, which was my usual routine after school. When I got home that day I remember

I was only seven months old when I took my first plane ride. In order to raise their first child in the best environment possible, my parents moved to Germany, where a favorable exchange rate and job opportunities for English

My alarm blared at 7:15 A.M. on the first summer Saturday. As I grudgingly woke up, I thought about my friends who were still dormant. My mom yelled for me to get ready for work. I stepped into the car

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