ARTEMIS was the great Olympic goddess of runing. wilderness and wild animate beings. She was besides a goddess of childbearing. and the protectress of the miss child up to the age of matrimony. Her twin brother Apollon was likewise the

She presided over the transition of a woman from virgin (parthenos) to married woman (gyne) and protected the virginity of those who were unmarried or wished to remain virgins (2). Artemis also oversaw marriage, childbirth and assisted with child-rearing (3).

Proposal for Artemis Sportswear Company for cutting operational expenses to increase profit margins; some ideas. As a business, Artemis can cut down the operational costs by down-sizing the labor force so the company can compete with other sportswear companies. There

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As you lay back on the soft cool grass, you looked up at all the twinkling stars glittering in the dark night sky. But one particular object caught your eye. As you looked over curiously, you realized that it was

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