Asian American

The “model minority,” as defined in Racial and Ethnic Relations, is the stereotypical view that certain Asian American, and occasionally other, groups are seen to be exemplary in socioeconomic and moral characteristics. This stereotype is most typically applied to Japanese

As the purchasing power of Asian Americans increases, Asian American guests pose a great opportunity for Target to grow its market share. Although Target has established a good reputation among existing customers, Target lacks the ability to attract more Asian

Development since 1949, focusing on 1990s, industrialization, international trade & investment, political relations with Taiwan. China’s place in the international economy: The future is brilliant, but there are still clouds on the horizon In recent years, China has emerged as

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A report about the practices of child labor today in the textile industry in Asia. Following a tour of productions lines in Asia, the director of Huntingtons, a clothing company discovered most of the work was being performed by child

Examines crime rates, types & guns (compared to U.S.), gangs, drugs, police, courts, prisons, rehabilitation and cultural factors (religion, politics, social control). JAPAN AND THE JAPANESE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM Introduction This research examines the practice of criminal justice in Japan.

A paper whch studies the the forces that affected the human and non-human world in ancient Chinese religion. This essay examines the content of Pre-Qin Chinese religious thinking, namely the religions of the Shang and Zhou dynasty. It explores the

This paper examines the economic development of the nation of Malaysia in the years after independence in 1957 until the present. This very comprehensive paper gives an account of the economic history of Malaysia. It begins with the pre-independence era

A discussion of the concepts of sovereignty and security in South East Asia and their importance to stability in the region. This article argues that a new conception of sovereignty is inextricably related to the rise of human security issues.

Examines memoir’s portrayal of gender, cultural & familial difficulties of growing up for Chinese girl in America. Whether born in pre-World War II, China or post-World War II America, whether conventional or rebellious, the female characters in Maxine Hong Kingston’s

A look at how Western film making styles impact traditional Japanese film making. An examination of Western impact on Japanese film making. The author focuses specifically on Akira Kurosawa?s film Seven Samurai. The author describes the film makers use of

Tests the speculation that China may soon have the world’s largest economy by comparing and contrasting the three geographical economic elements: Special Economic Zones, Open Cities and Open Coastal Areas. Analytical Comparison of China’s Newest Economic Regions: Special Economic Zones,

A brief history of the ancient civilizations of the Near East, India and China. This paper presents a brief overview of ancient Egyptian culture, including a look at the role of the “Pharoah” and the writing system developed at that

Historical background, politics, pragmatism vs. ideology, agriculture, quotas, incentives, demographics, foreign investment. Introduction Post reform China is an important economic model to study. Its sheer size, both in terms of man-power and land mass, make it an impossible case to

A paper which examines the educational system in Malaysia today. This paper looks at the education system, from primary to university level within the South East Asian country of Malaysia. The paper discusses how the system works and how the

This paper investigates the issue of multi racial Asians living in different countries. An evaluation of the opinions of multi racial Asians living in different countries and a review of the problems they face. Articles by two authors who have

This paper summarizes and critiques the book “Can Japan Compete?” This paper reviews the strengths and weaknesses of Japan’s economy as shown in the Michael Porter book, Can Japan Compete? It focuses on the downturn in the economy since 1998

An in-depth look at the Peter Brook production of the “Mahabharata”. This paper is on the Peter Brook production of the “Mahabharata”, the Indian epic. The author contends that the process of de-contextualization of characters, plot elements and pieces of

This paper provides an examination of the soaring career, culture, and works of Chinese-American author Amy Tan with a special emphasis on her novel, “The Hundred Secret Senses”. This paper examines the life, career and literature of best-selling Chinese-American author

Examines ethnobotanical healing recipes for joints and gout, bronchitis, digestion problems, flu and constipation. FOLK REMEDIES IN INDIA Introduction Since the 1950s the study of ethnobotany has increased. Ethnobotany is the word used to define the experience of people observing

A look at the development and spread of Buddhism into China. This paper deals with the various reasons that Buddhism entered China. It talks about the help the religion received from the government and the hindrances it had to overcome

An analysis of retirement plans and government policies regarding funding and social welfare. A discussion about government policies over retirement protection. The author examines the issues such as retirement funding, schemes, individual savings, investment and social welfare. The author focuses

This paper looks at the political, financial and social future of Korea. This paper presents a discussion about the future of Korea . The author looks to the work of Bruce Cummings’ Korea’s Place in the Sun: A Modern History

This essay examines the importance of the Great Wall of China as one of a handful of human creations around the world that encompasses an entire national identity. This paper looks at both the physical and the cultural history of

This paper discusses Confucianism and its rituals. This paper examines Confucianism by explaining its rituals that show people how to live their lives and interact with others. The paper discusses in detail some of the cults, for example, Cult of

An examination of the conflicts over ownership of the two islands between Korea and Japan. This paper takes a look at the islands of Tokto and Takeshima that belong to Korea and Japan respectively. The author examines the controversies that

A paper which discusses that despite the severe limits placed on Chinese women throughout their history, they still managed to demonstrate tenacity and courage and the power of decision within these restrictions. The paper discusses how women throughout Chinese history

An overview of global marketing issues and their application to Indonesia. Discusses labor, communications, role of government and keys to success. Introduction Innovations in transportation and communications during the twentieth century have resulted in the ability of goods and services

This is a paper that looks at the many different female images in Taoism. It looks at what they are and the importance they have to the religion as a whole. This paper discusses the religion Taoism, and the connection

History of Japanese immigration, occupations, economics, quotas, gender issues, social contributions. Tables. The history of the Japanese American in the United States has taught the majority culture a great deal about perseverance through adversity. The level of discrimination and assumed

Critical review of work arguing that war was started & continued by U.S. officials seeking confrontation with communist forces. I.F. Stone, author of The Hidden History of the Korean War, became a professional journalist at the age of fourteen, and

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