Panopticon is a Kentucky-based folk metal band. What is folk metal, you ask? The only difference from black metal is the incorporation of bluegrass. So far, Panopticon has released three albums and gained a loyal following since their first album,

The first song I heard from Jaymay’s album, Autumn Fallin’ was the song Autumn Fallin’ itself. From the first thirty seconds of the song- maybe even less- I knew I had come across something special. It’s hard to believe there

When I signed up to teach Pre-Kindergarten Sunday school, I received a list of names of children I had known since they were infants. As my eyes scrolled down the list, my breath stopped when I came across the name

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“They’re going down!” Autumn shouts as we dash up the fleet of stairs to the stadium. “We’re gonna destroy them,” I yelled back. We are not ruthless witches; we are merely expressing our desires for today’s baseball game. Our favorite

Davis Solo Analysis Males Davis’ solo Is very minimalist mainly using crotchet and quaver rhythms throughout with the occasional triplet or semiquaver grace note. For the A sections of the first chorus he bases phrases around the minor pentatonic scale.

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow Moving from summer to fall is a transition that only a handful of people relish. Between the colder sharper weather, the continuous darkening of the sky, and the shorter days and longer nights, who can

„To Autumn“, the speaker experiences the beauty of autumn in its fullest way. What makes this ode so profound is the use of certain words which create a unique atmosphere and of course the clear structure which makes it easy

This is the most faultless of Keats’s odes in point of construction. The first stanza gives us the bounty of Autumn, the second describes the occupations of the season, and the last dwells upon its sounds. Indeed, the poem is

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