Originally it was called British Atlantic Airways, later changed to Virgin Atlantic Airways. The first flight was from Gatwick to Netwark on the 22nd of June 1984 (Virgin Atlantic, 2012). The company launched a ? 6 m advertising campaign in

The type of communication used to transmit information is closely related to the animal’s lifestyle and environment. This can be seen in most terrestrial mammals which are nocturnal so use olfactory and auditory which work as well in the dark

Hypothesis and the extent to which they can be explained by behavioural finance theories Finance that is based on rational and logical theories, such as the capital asset pricing model (CAPM) and the efficient market hypothesis (EMH). These theories assume that people,

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Since its inception in 1837, Tiffany has been renowned for its rare luxury goods, especially its magnificent diamond jewellery and its diamond engagement rings. Tiffany and Co. markets itself as an arbitrator of sophistication and elegance. (The Tiffany Story, Tiffany

Self-control separates us from our ancient ancestors and the rest of the animal kingdom, thanks to our large prefrontal cortices. Rather than responding to immediate impulses, we can plan, we can evaluate alternative actions, and we can refrain from doing

Being critical is not about merely making black and white decisions. It means using your judgement on matters that are different shades of grey. This implies that criteria need to be used in ascertaining what it is you want to

Family, as we all know, is the groundstone of every ones life. Our behaviour will be so similar to the behaviour of our parents’ and close family members’. When there is a good example, children have much more possibilities to

Behaviour “that is repetitive, that occurs at high personal and social cost, and that occurs despite knowledge of these costs is termed addictive” (Spiga, 2002, p. 510). Process addiction is an addiction to a way or process of acquiring the

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