Course Description The module draws on language from Skills for Study Ill to build vocabulary, aromatically competency, and refine pronunciation, prepare students to understand nuances of spoken and written communication as well as execute accurate use of spoken and written

Technology has highly developed to the point where computer systems can trace a wide range of physical characteristics. I will first begin by stating what biometrics is and we will have an overview of the history of biometrics and how

Swipe card technology is the process plastic embedding of encoded data into card with a magnetic strip that is read by passing the card through a usually slotted electronic device. Personal recognition and identification are special function to this kind

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When the first employee time clock was invented in 1888, it had but one purpose: to record the time an employee entered the factory and the time an employee left the factory.This mechanical employee time clock would stamp day and

Instrumentation Engineering by the BPUT, ODISHA during the academic year 2011 – 2012. It is certified that all corrections/suggestions indicated for internal assessment have been incorporated in the report. The project report has been approved as it satisfies the academic

This project is dedicated to our Parents who have never failed to give us financial and moral support, for giving all our need during the time we developed our system and for teaching us that even the largest task can

Biometric technology offers advanced verification for humans, identifying them through physical measurements of unique human characteristics such as fingerprints, iris scan, facial recognition etc. The main goal of this paper is to explore the positive and negative impact of biometric

Biometrics is the term given to the use of biological traits or behavioral characteristics to identify an individual. The traits may be fingerprints, hand geometry, facial geometry, retina patterns, voice recognition, and handwriting recognition. In this paper we have used

There is an urgent need for improving security in banking region. With the advent of atm though banking became a lot easier it become a lot vunerable . The chances of misuse of this much hyped insecure baby product (atm)

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