The advisor was called a ‘Rajarishi’. Although the king was the ruler, he ruled as per the Brahmans’ advices. One such advisor was Chanakya. Businessmen represent the class of people who provide employment to fellow citizens. Their motive is to

The following case, Wichita Confronts Contamination, involves a vast polluted underground lake containing hazardous industrial waste. The site is located in the heart of the downtown, Wichita business district. The contamination was spreading about a foot a day and it

Book Review The Bureaucracy in the Philippines Dr. Onofre D. Corpuz ————————————————- Institute of Public Administration: University of the Philippines, 1957. 268 pp. This book is about the administrative history of the bureaucracy in the Philippines. It spans from the

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All of the following statements correctly describe the typical independent agency except (b) Its head is appointed by independent commission 5. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Human societies have been gone through a drastic shift from a very simple life (stone age),to a very complex life, which is now termed as Post-Modern societies or states. Due to this transition, systems had evolved into formal and well

Case study: The problem with this organization is quite simply that the campus does not know what thegoals of the museum and its associated faculty are or should be. This is a fundamental flaw in therunning of any organization, be

Nine years ago, I completed my Bachelor’s Degree at Baker University and decided I would pursue the Masters of Public Administration program at the University of Kansas. At the time, I was working in the non-profit sector and felt the

This paper outlines the extent of bureaucratic complicity in the Holocaust, and attempts to explain why German civil servants, instead of obstructing the extermination process, only exerted themselves to ensure its success. The following paper examines the extent of bureaucratic

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