This paper analyzes and discusses compensation strategies, how they affect workers and why they are necessary in the IT industry. The following paper examines the way in which the basic use of incentives and compensation strategies are critical components to

Pros & cons, regulations, holding companies, examples, banking concentration, profits, impact on community. This research explores the issue of interstate banking in the United States. Until the Riegle-Neal Interstate Banking and Branching Efficiency Act of 1994 becomes effective in 1997,

An overview of the inexpensive services that Greyhound has to offer and suggestions on ways it can improve its service given new security concerns. This paper summarizes the services of the American Greyhound Bus Service which is a part of

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Pros & cons of federal regulation. History, court decisions, benefits of deregulation, economic effects, compensation schemes, market efficiency, fairness, ethics. Insider trading is the basing of stock trades in a public company on information that is not known by the

Aims, types (friendly vs. hostile), examples, financing, third-party, regulations, globalization, govt. intervention, impact on stocks. Following a growth through acquisition strategy is not a new way for companies to increase their market presence. While open competition is one way for

A study of Microsoft’s successful human resource management. This paper focuses on Microsoft’s employee management methods including how they recruit and retain their staff. It presents information on the human resource practices at Microsoft by describing why they are effective.

This paper looks at the demand for imported teas in the United States. The paper looks at the factors which influence the demand for imported consumer goods. It goes on to build appropriate import demand models for analyzing the pattern

Products, innovations, finances, problems, global market, competition, quality, luxury tax, rebates. Charts. Longtime tinkerer and self-trained engineer, Henry Ford developed a method of building an automobile and in … established a manufacturing company in an old wagon factory. Beset with

An analysis of change management and strategies that deal with possible emergence of stress as a result of organizational change. This paper examines certain workplace issues of satisfaction, including job security, fair wage and salary levels, equitable distribution of benefits,

A review and analysis of the book “The Leadership Challenge” by J. Kouzes, B. Posner and T. Peters. An analytical essay which reviews James Kouzes, et al.’s The Leadership Challenge – a book which is a very much hands-on approach

An analysis of the economic factors that caused a slow-down in the apparel industry. This research paper looks into the business of fashion?s industry?s most important segment, the Apparel Industry. The clothing industry in the US has been flourishing for

Examines tasks of goal-setting, planning, organizing, delegating, establishing interpersonal relationships, appraising & motivating. There are eight basic areas of supervision which all supervisors must engage in, regardless of their position in an organization. These areas include goal-setting, planning, organizing, delegating,

A look at the employment benefits of federal express services in the United States. This is a paper is about the Federal Express and focuses on its employment opportunities such as special benefits, training and rewards. The author provides a

A report on Internet copyright law in light of file sharing services. This research paper describes to the average internet user the possible abuse of copyright laws. The paper investigates the legality of companies such as Napster, which is organized

An analysis of mission statements put out by automobile giants Ford and Honda. The paper shows how the mission statements of both Ford and Honda reflect both the highly competitive nature of the automobile industry today as well as the

Role of firm in long-distance telephone industry, marketing, competition, technologies, breakups and the future. Includes chart. Introduction The long distance telephone industry is an oligopoly with three major participants: AT&T, MCI and Sprint. These companies aggressively compete for market share

Analyzes the specific marketing, advertising, & promotion campaigns for the most important products of BT from 1996 through 1997. Assesses the impact of its bid for MCI & the consequences if that bid fails. Introduction The present world of telecommunications

An analysis of Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and Principle Centered Leadership, and Peter M. Senge’s “The Fifth Discipline”. This paper analyzes and examines the above books and discusses the seven habits of highly effective people. Based

This paper examines Microsoft’s successful management style. This paper is an examination of how Microsoft has continued to be so successful in the business world and how it has adapted to changes in the market over the past decade. The

Examines how Viacom’s Human Resources staff of just 35 people manages a major transnational corporation with approximately 83,500 employees in over 90 nations. Viacom, Inc.’s Human Resource System Introduction to Viacom Viacom Inc. together with its subsidiaries and divisions, according

A look at the largest manufacturer, designer, builder,and marketer of cars and trucks throughout the world since 1921. This paper examines the history of General Motors and its current economic status. The writer explains the four geographical regions that GM

A study on modern management styles in the corporate world. This paper discusses the modern leadership styles that are adopted by many leading businesses today. It describes the theory that by giving away some of the power, more leadership is

A study into the stages of problem identification and solving in operations management. This paper outlines the steps to be taken in discerning a specific problem in operations management, why it happened, how to approach the issue and what the

A discussion of theories of business ethics in today’s highly competitive market. This paper discusses theories of business ethics, starting with a general definition of business ethics. The marketing practices of Toys R Us and Home Depot are examined in

An exploration of black markets and their effects. The purpose of this paper is to introduce and discuss the recurring problem of black markets, focusing on drug trafficking, nuclear weapons and human black markets. It points out the negative aspects

A comparison of free trade to managed trade in today’s global economy. This paper compares the values of free trade to managed trade. It begins by defining trade and identifying the ideal trade. The paper argues that free trade is

A look at HR grievance policies with respect to mergers. This paper looks at HR policies that are necessary for a smooth merger. It focuses on the dispute resolution or grievance process. It uses the example of two merging companies,

Economic analysis of alcoholic & non-alcoholic beer industry. Sales, consumption, micro-beers, consumers, pricing, competition, social issues, distribution, marketing. Includes charts. AN ANALYSIS OF THE BEER MARKET IN THE UNITED STATES Introduction This research analyzes the beer market in the United

A discussion of why and how Enron went bankrupt and what steps are being taken to salvage the ruins of this company. This paper examines Enron’s bankruptcy and takes a look at the business community and the people involved with

Analyzes effectiveness of global biotechnology firm’s diversity program. Introduction The American workplace is composed of workers from different backgrounds and cultures with different expectations of what the employment experience should hold for them. Workers come not only from various parts

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