1.) Keeping in mind the facts and timeline of this situation, discuss Jackie’s situation in terms of its legal and ethical issues. Jackie has a strong case for sexual harassment against her former boyfriend, Curtis. Jackie and Curtis was a

Growing up in a family that loves taking pictures and capturing moments. Kodak and Fujifilm played a huge role and are known companies to me and to many other households around the world. When it comes to the history and

The batman rollercoaster is an extreme, thrilling rollercoaster. The batman rollercoaster was introduced 1997 and, 2,700 feet long! The original installation of the ride is at Six Flags Great America featured a maximum height of 100 feet while the installations

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Using at least two (2) of the foundational ethical theories studied in Module 2, you should answer the following questions. With each answer, you should discuss the issues and set forth and defend a clear position on whether or not

Just like any normal individual, I, myself, go through countless adversities in my life. These adversities include the following: financial problems, especially now that I need a scholarship to be able to go on with my studies; personal difficulties and

Section 1 – Understand how to support the organisation of a business event 1. When organising a business event, describe the range of support activities that may be required. The organisation of a business event can be the difference between

In this assignment, we got four questions to answer concerning business ethics in education. 1. To what extent can business education cause or prevent ethical infractions in business? Give arguments for and against. 2. Given the importance of situational factors

Activity Based Costing or ABC, a subset of Activity Based Management, is “a management reporting system that focused on the costs of the work activities associated with operating the business in lieu of the standard cost centers” ( On the

There are a multitude of situations where active and empathetic listening strategies can be applied in order to improve mutual understanding and respect, such as in interviews, business meetings, hostage negotiations, personal disputes, as well as in therapy.  In order

The tactical position of a corporation will always has a propensity to worsen under the combined influences of strategic failure and market competition. The normative form of strategic management is a precise symbol of what planners consider to be the

Imagine an organization in the high technology area of wireless. The market dynamics are very high due to the impact of the technology. This calls for strategic changes in business on a constant basis. In this environment a misalignment between

Victoria’s Secret is a retail seller of women’s clothing and beauty goods, but is most familiar as a dealer of lingerie. Victoria’s Secret had retailing of more than US$ 2.6 billion through their over 900 retail stores in the U.S.

Assessment 7: Business Planning (20.0 points) In Unit 7, you learned about forming a company purpose, making a business plan, and doing a SWOT analysis. Now, you’ll apply what you learned to analyze real companies and develop your own business

The Assessment Task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor. Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications below for details. Performance objective

The Existing Gaps Between The Producer and The Consumer] Retailers can be considered as middlemen or go-betweens, whereby they acquire an array of consumer products from suppliers and then offer these to the public at a retail price (Cant &

We all know that there are already many kinds of perfume that is being produced by different local manufacturers. Now days, many consumers are becoming conscious on how they smell and they are very choosy of the kind of perfume that

The AICPA, or the American Institute of CPAs, represents the accounting professionals in several countries. Like any other profession, there are some grey areas that without guidelines could create a mess. The AICPA has developed a code of professional conduct

With long waits at the emergency room, pediatric urgent care centers have become an alternative to after-hours care for children. It takes great patience, and a big caring and compassionate heart to take care of sick or ill patients. It

Marriott is a universal chain of hotels that is designed to meet various needs and accommodations. The company was founded in 1927, by J. Williard and Alice S. Marriott. Their son, Bill Marriott, Jr. invested many years in developing and

After two decades of fast fashion popularity, retailers and consumers have come to realize one of its biggest issues, its impact on the environment. Can fast fashion and sustainability work together? Step 2 The affordability of Fast Fashion is one

Since its foundation in 1966 by merging of three British companies, Bush Boake Allen had been outstanding and known to one of the leading firms in the flavor and fragrance industry. The firm seemed to be in a stable industry

The Rules are designed to preserve the benefits available to all the  istributors under Amway Sales and Marketing Plan. Amway and its Distributors have a binding contractual relationship. The terms and conditions of this relationship are set forth in the

This paper examines how a hypothetical business specializing in matrouchkas can use time series to help balance the business’s budget and inventory and the added complexities of working in the import field. This paper presents a hypothetical business venture and

A study of Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA) and Roth-IRA personal retirement savings plans. This paper examines the viable options for personal retirement saving: Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA) and the Roth-IRA. The paper describes the tax benefits of the funds and

An examination of the Kant approach to business ethics. This paper examines how corporations deal with their stakeholders. The writer contends that, along with Norman Bowie, there is a moral imperative for corporations to treat stakeholders as ends rather than

An analysis of efficient manufacturing process in the automotive industry. This paper examines process standardization in manufacturing within the automotive industry. Problems such as delegation of responsibility, task management, and process management, as well as issues of resolution, are outlined.

A discussion on whether the recent implementation of flight restrictions following the Sept 11th attacks are constitutional. This paper examines why Temporary Fight Restrictions (TFR) are considered unconstitutional by many quarters and how they are seriously hurting economic conditions of

Analyzes development of General Motors’ car, centrality of labor-management relations, successes & failures, economics, background, leadership, dealers, customers, technology, quality and more. The driving concept behind Saturn’s development was to create a world-class compact car with the reliability, safety, feel,

A paper which discusses how globalization has created the gap between the ‘have’ nations and the ‘have-not’ nations. The paper shows that many refer to today’s globalization as colonialism and imperialism, leaving poverty stricken and highly indebted countries in Africa,

Examines leadership style & marketing strategies of chairman of Chrysler Corp. & his impact on the industry. Politics, competition, federal bail-out, successes & failures. IACOCCA, CHRYSLER, AND THE AUTOMOBILE MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY Introduction This research analyzes the leadership style of the

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