Critical comparison of 1973 & 1983 books on British & Japanese management philosophies & practices. “British Factory-Japanese Factory” by Robert Dore & “Under Japanese Management” by M. White & M. Trevor. Although the majority of large companies wish to retain

Critical review of work on organizational theory: learning, leadership, open systems, computers. Charles Handy’s book, The Age of Unreason, examines the nature of learning and applies Handy’s insights into the prices of learning to the business organization. He indicates that

A discussion on the different types of emeralds, vis-a-vis its chemicals, texture, temperature conditions and significance in society since ancient times. This paper traces the history of emeralds from ancient Egypt, to 18th century to today’s mining areas in Columbia,

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A paper which discusses the benefits of adapting a standard system of productivity such as ISO 9000 for a business. The paper explains that something that every business can benefit from in terms of increased productivity is an adaptation of

A look at the strategy of marketing products in foreign countries. Using the example of the International Corn Flake Company, the paper explores globalization marketing strategy. It looks at the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s marketing strategies and the

Examines former Soviet republic’s privatization of large businesses, Soviet influences, fiscal & labor environments, funding, effectiveness, future. This research examines the process and progress of the privatization of large business enterprise in Kazakhstan. Large business enterprise, as the term is

Causes of divestiture & effects on firm & public. Background, competition, five segments after breakup, merger activity, advertising & promotion, economics & services. AT&T (formerly American Telephone and Telegraph) is the world’s largest telecommunications company providing services, products and systems

Incidence in 1990s, reasons for, structure, four examples from 1994-1995, benefits & problems. Recent years have seen a great deal of merger and acquisition (M&A)activity in the banking industry, a result of deregulation and the desire of thrifts to take

An examination of resource planning systems and their effects on organizational management. This paper discusses proposed research toward developing guidelines for implementation of resource planning systems and quantification of results. “Internet technologies and applications have grown more rapidly than anyone

Examines systems theory and systems thinking by analyzing the Jograni organization. This paper discusses and examines the approaches of systems theory and systems thinking by analyzing the Jograni organization and its operational management. The paper also takes a look at

The effect of various sectors’ profitability on the U.S. economy based on import and export statistics. This is an analysis of U.S. industrial sectors’ and their implications on the economy between 1999 and 2000. The writer examines U.S. import and

An examination of government intervention in business prospects. Evaluating an appropriate location for a prospective business in Europe involves weighing many factors, including the nature and extent of government intervention and influence on the economy and businesses. A look into

A research of the recording industry and how it functions today. This paper presents a detailed discussion about the history of the radio and the impact radio has had on the recording industry. The writer takes the reader on an

This paper examines the reasons why Honda has been a best-selling car in the U.S. on a constant basis. This paper presents a discussion about the reliability of Honda vehicles. The author argues that Honda is the most dependable car

This essay discusses the competing claims of both the stockholder and the stakeholder approaches to corporate social responsibility. The author provides an explanation for corporate social responsibility and puts forth arguments for similarities and differences in the stockholder and stakeholder

Financial performance through 1995 & forecast to 2005, products and cash flow. Includes tables. The Coca-Cola Company (Coke) is one of the most recognized brands in the world. The company manufacturers, sells, and distributes carbonated beverage drinks such as its

Examines need for ownership & management to focus on leadership concepts in order to influence the direction of the organization. We were stuck in a destructive conflict, with all the characteristics of destructive conflict visible and running rampant between upperclassmen

A discussion on the multitude of interconnected issues of airline pricing. The following paper discusses how there is no one aspect that stands out as a single determining factor of price per passenger or per flight. The writer examines how

Discusses the business mission and goals of the Extensis Corporation. Focuses on the company’s public relations problems and concerns. [excerpt]

A paper which discusses the importance of performance measurement systems in managing an organization. The paper shows that a performance measurement system is an important tool in managing an organization as it allows an organization to define what is important

An analysis of a group facilitation organization using the theory of constraint as described by Eliyahu Goldratt. This paper analyzes the theory and puts into practice Eli Goldratt’s Theory of Constraint. The purpose of any management theory is to achieve

An examination of the importance of liquid capital for businesses in the current economic climate. This paper is about the importance of liquidity. The writer shows how all organizations need to be liquid because the need for cash can arise

An assessment of the competing claims of the stockholder stakeholder approaches to corporate social responsibility, and a look at similarities and differences of each type of approach to responsibility. This essay will discuss the competing claims of both the stockholder

Background, theory & practice of product promotion & advertising in print media. Includes examples (steel, medicine, cigarettes) and looks at the psychological aspect, socioeconomics and ethics. Marketing Practices in the late Nineteenth Century Introduction The development of marketing thought as

A look at the required responsibilities of managers for running organizations This paper is a critical evaluation of the contention that managers should seek both to understand and manage organizations primarily from a political perspective. From the paper: “It is

A detailed examination of entrepreneurship in the UK and a comparison with the U.S.A. The writer compares ethical models used in business in the United States with those used in the United Kingdom. The writer works to display similarities as

A discussion on the different styles of leadership that are used by managers and how they complement the needs of the position and the organization. This paper looks at and discusses the modern leadership displayed by management along with organizational

This paper looks at the inherent problems of performance appraisals and offers ways to avoid them. This paper examines the use of performance appraisals in the workplace. The three building blocks of performance appraisal are trait based, behavioral based, and

A discussion of the importance of customer service in gaming. The paper begins with a general discussion of the gambling industry, including legalization, revenue statistics and government regulation. Then the necessity of friendly and courteous dealers in casinos is explored,

The link between psychological and philosophical theories of ethics and justice, and their respective roles to organizational effectiveness and employee well-being. This paper examines the ethics and ideals of justice that predict organizational success and employee well-being. The author examines

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