An insight into Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc., one of the world’s leaders in investment banking. This paper looks at the history of the company Merrill Lynch & Co.Inc, how it has fared through years of acquisitions and investments, how

A look at the trend of working for multinational companies in remote places and the employee needs in such a situation. This paper examines the concept of relocation of employees which has become very popular in the globalization era. This

A discussion of business process modeling in a globalized economy. This paper begins with an overview of the business process and introduces concepts of business process modeling. The problem of population control in Bangladesh is explored to demonstrate how the

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A look at the merging of two companies – Hewlett Packard and Compaq Merger. This paper focuses on the merger of the aforementioned companies. It looks at the history behind the merger and opposition to it. It mentions the corporate

This paper looks at the inherent problems of performance appraisals and offers ways to avoid them. This paper examines the use of performance appraisals in the workplace. The three building blocks of performance appraisal are trait based, behavioral based, and

A discussion of the importance of customer service in gaming. The paper begins with a general discussion of the gambling industry, including legalization, revenue statistics and government regulation. Then the necessity of friendly and courteous dealers in casinos is explored,

The link between psychological and philosophical theories of ethics and justice, and their respective roles to organizational effectiveness and employee well-being. This paper examines the ethics and ideals of justice that predict organizational success and employee well-being. The author examines

Uses of math, quantitative methods & intuition in financial statements, aggressive accounting, rate of return. Much emphasis is placed on using quantitative methods and mathematical techniques in business and economics. Such approaches, it is considered, give additional credence to business

Swiss-based firm’s operations, success, products, innovations, strategy, focusing on global aspects.

This paper examines the footwear market and the strategy that adidas uses to compete with rivals The following paper gives an analysis of adidas supply chain management and discusses what Adidas’ current position is in terms of the supply chain

A company analysis of Merck & Company, INC., a pharmaceutical company. This paper analyzes pharmaceutical company, Merck & Company, INC., . The author provides a company profile and examines a number of issues such as: product marketing, service marketing, manufacturing,

Industry conditions, technological development & application at Hyatt, Marriott & Hilton, quick-response management concept. The lodging industry is being compelled by changing market conditions to develop new strategies and initiatives to attract guests (Airport, 1994, p. 43). The driving force

An analysis of the Coca Cola Company’s entrance into foreign markets with focus on potential penetration into Iran. This paper examines the possible entrance of the Coca-Cola Company into Iran, looking at what problems it may have in entering this

A discussion of organizational theory and its role in an organization. This paper provides a definition of an organization, organizational theory, and its use in management. A discussion of open and closed systems, bureaucracy and the advantages and disadvantages of

Examines needs of shareholders, employees, customers, creditors, vendors & communities, & related ethical & practical responsibilities of managers. Traditionally, managers are responsible to a company’s board of directors, and the board of directors are responsible to the shareholders. This has

An examination of the corporate culture and its significance in organizational management. This paper discusses the importance of corporate culture in management and in the overall functioning of organizations. The author examines the way that corporate culture impacts organizational behavior.

In this case analysis, the current business situation of the TV Guide Corporation is investigated. In this case analysis, the current business situation of the TV Guide Corporation is investigated. This analysis is done from a marketing perspective, and assesses

This paper analyzes the reasons why failed. This paper analyzes in detail the demise of the dotcom business, Webvan. The author states that Webvan ignored the most important lesson that good business is still based on basic rules of

A detailed research of India’s food industry and future prospects. This paper analyzes the supermarket industry in undeveloped India. The author focuses on the modification schemes in the business strategies, products and services. An analysis of the different and unique

Analyzes building supply firm in industry context. Market segmentation, products & services and opportunities.

This paper discusses the education of business managers, focusing primarily on managers of sports bars. This paper presents a look at the education of business managers. The author focuses on the management of a sports bar and details the reasons

This paper examines the case for and against laws prohibiting insider dealing. This paper defines insider dealing and the types of activities that are involved in this particular type of trading. The author examines arguments in favor of regulations restricting

A look at the development of the consulting business in the United Kingdom. This paper discusses the growth of management consultants in the United Kingdom and identifies the changes that have been noticed in the role played by consultancy industry.

Describes & compares airplane makers’ large transport aircraft: 777 (Boeing) & A-330/340 (Airbus). Design, capacity, engines, technology, costs, range and safety. Compare and Contrast Boeing, and Airbus Industrie Design History, and Philosophy on the Boeing 777, and the Airbus A-330/340

Examines the legal, cultural, & economic factors that businesses should consider before beginning overseas expansion. Doing Business Abroad Introduction There are many reasons that organizations want to expand overseas, including those listed. However, there are also many problems associated with

Reviews some of the difficulties faced by the McDonald’s fast food restaurants in the 1990s. The third stage of organization development is closely related to the fourth and final stage of organization development which is the stage of evaluating and

Analyzes the recent bankruptcy filing by Barney’s department store and assesses the outlook for the future. Barney’s Department Store in New York has followed a number of other New York retail institutions into difficult times. Recently, there were rumors that

Examines some of the economic variables confronting Microsoft in exporting software to China. Variables discussed include growth rate of China, stability of global economy, growth in the computer industry and the cost of piracy and tariffs. ECONOMIC VARIABLES There are

Examines strategies, effectiveness, advantages, employee and consumer impact, economics and an example ( booksellers). On-Line Marketing The Market Significance of the Internet The World Wide Web was started in 1990 as a way for researchers to communicate easily over the

This paper focuses on successful recruitment strategies and the manner in which to motivate employees. An examination of a case study of Arthur Reed, the warehouse supervisor for Blue Grocery store who has been facing problems recruiting temporary workers during

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