Industry conditions, technological development & application at Hyatt, Marriott & Hilton, quick-response management concept. The lodging industry is being compelled by changing market conditions to develop new strategies and initiatives to attract guests (Airport, 1994, p. 43). The driving force

An analysis of the Coca Cola Company’s entrance into foreign markets with focus on potential penetration into Iran. This paper examines the possible entrance of the Coca-Cola Company into Iran, looking at what problems it may have in entering this

An analysis of the effects of the near collapse of Long Term Capital Management (LTCM) in the banking and investment world. This paper provides an analysis of the conditions and events that led to the near collapse of Long Term

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Discussion about the internal and external influences on organizational change and the impacts on organizations. In this paper, the author explores the internal and external influences that can have a predominant effect on an organization and how these pressures can

Review of Peter Drucker’s book on management and the challenges it faces in the future. This paper reviews Drucker’s book on management challenges. The paper details the focus of Drucker’s book and the change management techniques described by Drucker that

This paper looks at Canadian Commercial Banks and analyzes their activity In the N.Y.C. real estate market. An examination of the entry of Canadian banks into the American banking market. The paper shows how their greatest competition remains the American

An informative essay about financial responsibility and becoming financially active. A personal essay about saving and financial responsibility. The author provides a framework of how to become financially active and responsible, how to save and invest and how to secure

A look at the institution of safety incentive programs within the workforce. This paper examines the advantages of the institution of safety incentive programs to a business. It looks at how to raise the incentive of employees to follow safety

A look at various factors taken into account before companies decide which corporate investment program to follow. Corporate investing programs allow firms to maximize their profits by utilizing excess cash reserves and strategically investing in vehicles with potential for high

A review of the major points why consultants and clients clash. This paper reviews an article on the reasons why consultants and clients clash, outlining out the issues of human resources and management. “From the above discussion, one learns that

The research paper provides an in-depth discussion of the effects of adopting a strategic thinking mindset on the policies and efficiency of companies. The paper discusses the effects of adopting a strategic thinking mindset, on the policies and overall efficiency

An analysis of the down payment assistance corporation, the Nehemia Corporation. An overview of the Nehemiah Corporation of California. The author explains that this corporation is the largest privately-funded down payment assistance program for affordable home ownership. This essay examines

A look at environmental limitations on businesses. This paper presents a detailed examination of IS0-1400 certification in business that enforces universal environmental regulations on all businesses, to standardize methods and other components of business from an environmental standpoint so that

Compares & contrasts the recent performances of Paramount & Disney. Paramount can serve as an example of the way the majors are situated today. Paramount Communications, formerly known as Gulf+Western, has experienced the same problems as other entertainment-based companies in

Examines the management success of the keiretsu and the business it is applied to. Summarizes the challenges facing Japanese industry in the near future. Includes three pages of tables and figures. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Following the 1994 downturn in the Japanese

Analyzes the prospects for exporting American style fast food to the international market. Examines the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of such an approach. Fast food is an American staple and in some respects has been an American phenomenon, though

Examines its Importance to the organization, purposes, types, focuses on marketing function, evaluation and measurement and validity. Includes tables. It is a commonly accepted fact that British employers have neglected the significance of employee training. They justified this neglect probably

Examines strategies, effectiveness, advantages, employee and consumer impact, economics and an example ( booksellers). On-Line Marketing The Market Significance of the Internet The World Wide Web was started in 1990 as a way for researchers to communicate easily over the

This paper focuses on successful recruitment strategies and the manner in which to motivate employees. An examination of a case study of Arthur Reed, the warehouse supervisor for Blue Grocery store who has been facing problems recruiting temporary workers during

A study on the current economic conditions in the United States. This paper analyzes the current economic conditions in the United States and makes speculations on the future. It claims that the bursting of the technology bubble, the terrorist attacks

This paper discusses some of the pitfalls that plague enterprises. This essay discusses an implementation strategy that can avoid some of the pitfalls that some enterprises have been subjected to in the past. The writer provides us with a combined

Marketing plan for imaginary pet product. Examined in terms of target market, demand, economics, competition, objectives, advertising, projections. Includes tables. I. Introduction This marketing plan is for The Motion-Detecting Animal Deterrent, a new product designed to keep pets from leaving

A paper which shows how medically qualified personnel can add value to the pharmaceutical industry. By examining several examples, the paper shows how medically trained personnel play a key role in bridging the gap between the pharmaceutical industry and the

This paper is a study of the pain medication market in the United States, and pays special attention to the launching and success of Children’s Advil. This paper is an overview and analysis of the launching of Children’s Advil to

This paper discusses successful team supervision. A discussion of how to effectively supervise teams and a summary of a practical four-day seminar “Supervising for Success” which aimed at giving current and prospective supervisors the training and skills they need to

This paper discusses the issue of U.S. Postal Service as seen as a monopoly. The paper begins with a general discussion of the concept of monopoly in business and how the U. S. Postal Service fits in with this definition.

Examines theory & practice, cultural factors, corp. loyalty, motivation, power & control, failure, decision making, flexiblity; compared to American style. JAPANESE MANAGEMENT STYLE This research reviews the Japanese style of manufacturing management. Management problem solving approaches, leadership styles, worker attitudes

This paper discusses a Southern California e-commerce company, eConnect. The author presents his/her marketing ideas for the company, including targeted consumer markets. The paper includes charts to support the author’s premises.Located in Southern California, eConnect is positioning itself to become

A business report which examines how a national retailing company can gain competitive advantage by using electronic commerce to compete with the global competitors. The paper indicates that nowadays, most businesses embrace some form electronic commerce since wherever one is

Analyzes benefits & drawbacks of set of international standards for quality management & assurance adopted by 90 nations. A German company wins a huge contract to sell components to a factory in North Carolina. A Swiss firm becomes the leading

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