A look at the growing trend of students who possess credit cards and the psychology behind buying on credit. This paper examines the popular American trend and phenomenon of buying on credit. It shows that the age of credit card

A look at organization management within the business environment. This paper takes a look at structure within a business environment. The author repeatedly takes quotes from well known analysts and business commentators and then delves into their meaning and usage.

Product life cycle, manufacture & distribution, marketing mix, executive decision-making, chains & independent theaters, promotion, marketing planning. Marketing activities are a critical part of a company’s strategic plan. A company may have an outstanding product, but if it is unable

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A look at how organizations manage change. This paper examines how an organization is affected by change, both in the external environment and within the organization. The author finds that organizational structures typically have rules and regulations that affect implementation

This paper examines some of the forces of change in a business environment and their impacts on companies, with special reference to the Australian market. “Human beings are living in the world where there are rapid changes and high competitions.

A look at how to measure success in a business and the importance of effective leadership to that success. This paper discusses the factors that contribute to an business’ success and how they come together to create a profitable company

This paper discusses the SEC’s adoption of new auditing rules. This paper looks at the new rules passed by the SEC, how and why they came about and discusses how they will affect the big accounting firms and business in

This paper analyzes Starbucks, a leader in the coffee industry, by outlining its strengths and weaknesses. The author states that Starbucks grew from a small start-up to a multinational billion-dollar empire. It has become an immensely successful business not only

A look at the challenges facing those in the financial planning profession due to recent changes in the financial markets. An examination of the changes facing the financial planner and advisor in his/her profession. The paper looks at changes in

This paper analyzes the future of management at the Ford Motor Company. Using the Ford Motor Company as an example, this paper looks at the concept of management of change and the future. It studies the current management trend that

A study in the buying behavior and process of a company. This paper examines the buying behavior of corporate clients and the processes of selling to clients. The paper uses the company PDI as a research example, the methodology used

A discussion of the stages of economic development in light of Russia’s struggle to set up a modern market economy and attain strong economic growth. This paper examines Russia’s economic status and growth during the nine years after the disintegration

The development of a public administration theory with the purpose of enhancing the political unit. This paper explores the development of a public administration theory. It discusses the components that make up the theory of public administration and develops its

A look into this act and how it improves workers’ conditions. This paper examines the new Workers’ Investment Act which was set forth to provide employers seeking jobs with more tools and assistance by providing aspects such as: education, training

Examines the history of Bloomingdales Department Store. Covers strategy, finances, personnel policies, & outlook for the future. INTRODUCTION Bloomingdale’s today is part of the chain of Federated Department Stores, Inc., one of the leading department store operators in the United

This paper is an in-depth examination of the human resource management systems in Japan and Germany. This paper provides a comparative analysis of the human resource management systems used in Japan and Germany predominantly making use of the Harvard model

This paper analyzes the concept of “change”, theories behind it, why it is necessary and how organizations need to cope with change in order to survive. This paper analyzes the concept of “change”, theories behind it, why it is necessary

Defines and compares goals, theories, advantages, drawbacks and futures of two approaches to management and quality assurance. Introduction Quality has become an important issue for companies, and in today’s global market, it is no surprise that quality management has taken

A paper on the U.S. federal government’s imposition of steel tariffs on international trade. This research report focuses on various aspects of the U.S. government’s imposition of steel tariffs. It discusses the benefits and costs of tariffs in general, and

Compares marketing in these two countries in terms of consumers, segmentation, pricing, distribution, brand names, guarantees, advertising, packaging and direct mail. MARKETING IN JAPAN AND THE UNITED STATES: A COMPARISON Introduction This research compares marketing practices in Japan with those

An audit report of this financial institution. This paper presents an audit of the Patelco Credit Union. An overview of the company and the services it provides is given. The audit included an analysis of operational, financial, and compliance procedures

A study of a new development enabling vending machine owners to keep track of their sales with the help of a computer. A paper which examines a development by Robert Allen of Blue World, Inc., a New York-based data processing

A look into the requirements for successful leadership. The author of this paper discusses what leadership is, various theories of leadership, the differences between effective and ineffective leaders, how leaders come about and the future requirements of leaders in the

Consumer credit policies & problems, pricing, profit margins and prepaid calling cards. In October 2001, Sony Electronics and Ericsson entered into a joint venture agreement in order to capitalize on Sony’s consumer.orientation and Ericsson’s wireless market presence. The joint venture

An examination of the factors that give Johnson & Johnson, Co. a rational organizational structure. The paper defines rational organizations as those which seek to develop structure and coordinate their activities in response to technical requirements and in relation to

A paper which presents a detailed examination of quality management at the YMCA. The paper shows that the YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) is a world-wide organization that provides many different programs and opportunities for its members. It discusses the

An analysis of the marketing strategies involved in entry into the Chinese Market by these express mail leaders. This paper compares and contrasts the marketing strategies of FedEx and UPS for entry into the Chinese market. The areas discussed include

Examined in terms of founding, organization, acquisitions, regulation, employee relations, use & evaluation of teams for increasing productivity. Introduction Multinational organizations such as international banking institutions have operations in many different countries employing thousands of individuals. Despite their global reach,

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