Abstract The purpose of this experiment was to determine the rate of photosynthesis in different concentrations of a Bicarbonate solution. My Hypothesis was that if you placed the spinach disks in the highest concentration of bicarbonate then that is where

CHEMICAL REACTION : In a reaction when the original state of the particle changes and it cannot be reversed by simple physical means, this type of reaction is known as chemical reaction. Example :- Fermentation of grapes, burning of wood

Abstract: The purpose of this experiment was to determine the percentage purity of the iron(II) salt in an unknown sample. We performed titrations using Potassium permanganate which is a strong oxidizing agent, with unknown sample dissolved in deionized water. The

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Introduction Enzymes are protein based structures that help speed up chemical reactions. They help these reactions keep up with the everyday metabolic needs and other like functions of organisms. Enzymes are also considered catalysts, due to the lowering in activation

The purpose of this experiment was to separate the component of three mixtures sand, sodium chloride and calcium carbonate then calculate the percentage by mass of each component recovered from the mixture. The other purpose of this experiment was to

This paper introduces and discusses the life of Nobel Prize winning scientist, Linus Pauling. The following paper discusses the life of Linus Pauling, focusing on his achievements and discoveries. The writer discusses how in 1954, Pauling was awarded the Nobel

A paper on Friedrich August Kekule, a German chemist known for his work with benzene. The following paper takes a look at the life of Friedrich August Kelule, known as the originator of the structure theory of benzene. This essay

A discussion on Kekule’s structure theory of Benzene. The following paper discusses Friedrich Kekule’s interest in chemistry and examines how he came to be the originator of the structure theory for his study on chemical bonds. However this paper also

This paper discusses the life and contributions of Dimitri Mendeleev, the founder of the first Periodic Table of Elements. This paper looks at the life-long contributions that Dimitri Mendeleev made to the field of chemistry. The author details Mendeleev’s personal

An examination of the effects of DDT on the environment. This essay contains the history of the pesticide DDT and it’s uses within the environment. DTT is a harmful pesticide which has been detrimental to the environment, and has caused

A discussion on the life, achievements and research of Peter Debye, winner of ‘The Nobel Prize’ in Chemistry 1936. The following paper discusses what Peter Debye was awarded the Nobel Prize for and lists the other awards he received throughout

An essay outlining the history and modern use of solid propulsion in comparison to other types of propulsion. The following paper examines the history of solid propulsion and black powder and discusses how it was used. It also looks at

Discovery, process, history, techniques, properties, side effects. Peptides were first synthesized around the turn of the century. During the following decades, the compounds found many applications. At present, both solid and liquid phase methods may be used to chemically formulate

Career, major concepts & discoveries of 19th Cent. German chemist. Many fundamental concepts in chemistry can be traced back to Friedrich Wohler. A mild-mannered scientist, Wohler’s discoveries revolutionized the understanding of organic chemicals. His artificial synthesis of urea eventually led

An in-depth examination of Ethanol.- its characteristics, uses and benefits. In this paper the author takes an in-depth look at Ethanol. The author makes mention of the different ways that it can be produced, its various characteristics, chemical composition and

An analysis of the enormous demands placed on the pharmaceutical industry by the public and government agencies. This paper describes the pharmaceutical industry’s role as one of the largest contributors to economic growth in the United States. It illustrates the

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