Child development

Though the changes in adulthood may not be considered as dramatic as those which happen in the years of childhood they hold their own importance as they begin to affect quality of life and how long an individual will remain

Enjoys playing with other people and might get upset when the person stops intereacting with them Expressive and tries to communicate using there face and body Physical Development Supports upper body with arms when laying on the stomach Opens and

One being the ability to use numerous limbs for example throwing a ball, the other being everyday movements e. g. walking as well as running. Fine motor corresponds; the term describes minor movements that engage smaller muscles to work. This

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Psychologist John Bowlby believed that childhood development depended upon a child’s ability to form a good strong relationship with at least one caregiver, this would usually be the parents. Bowlby’s studies led him to believe that a strong attachment provides

Child development theories are an organized set of principles designed to explain and predict something. Below are some major child development theorists and their theories. Jean Piaget – (1896-1980) was originally a biologist before going on to study the development

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