Premature babies are babies born before 37 weeks. For some babies they are born closer to their due dates and suffer from little to no consequences of being born born before their due date. Where as the term small-for-date refers

The Yoruba tribe of Nigeria are said to have one of the worlds largest proportions of multiple births. Of every 1000 births there Is about 45-twln birth. It is felt that It was as a result of this large proportion

Preterm labor is defined as the presence of uterine contractions of sufficient frequency and intensity to effect progressive effacement and dilation of the cervix prior to term gestation (between 20 and 37 wk). Preterm labor precedes almost half of preterm

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Valanis teenage births to Native Americans, Eskimos, Aleution Islanders, and Hawaiians. She also stated there is a higher rate of complications and their infants are born with low birth rate or prematurely. This age group has been hard to teach

Pregnant women who use substances such as cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methadone, methamphetamine, and other addictive substances put themselves and their babies at great risk; however, there is increasing evidence that even substances such as alcohol and cigarettes, which are commonly

Fundamentals of speech Debate/Homebirth Most American obstetric practice in hospitals is not based on science, but on myth. How obstetrics perform procedures may in fact be high- tech, but it is in truth not real science what you don’t know

The Carlina White Story Carlina Renae White, also known as Nejdra Nance is an American woman who solved her own kidnapping case and 23 years later was reunited with her biological parents. Her case represents the longest known gap in

Abortion Why is abortion a social problem today? I think why abortion is a social problem is for the fact that not everyone agrees with that and everyone puts in their prospective. So then everyone else does to which leads

The surgeon marks the anteromedial and anterolateral joint lines and portal positions with a skin marker. 2. The skin areas for portal placement are infiltrated with local epinephrine. If the knee has an effusion, the surgeon aspirates it with a

My girlfriend and I woke up at five o’clock in the morning , and we said a prayer together. We got ready and left the house at 7 o’clock am. For some reason, driving to the hospital seemed to take

A good midwife will always aid in conduction of a vaginal delivery and not hastily conduct it without knowing about the mechanism that is occurring inside the pelvis. Hence it is very essential to learn about mechanism of normal labor,

Effacement: thinning of the cervix Meconium: first feces of newborn Umbilicus: belly button Bili blanket: UV emitting light blanket that helps convert bilirubin to form that can be detoxed by liver Fetal monitor strip: a graphic record of FHR and

Factors and Hazards of Infant Development By Miranda Brueggeman EC100/EEC1700 Section 05 Foundations of Child Development – Winter 2013 There are many factors and hazards that influence the development of babies before they are even born. In this essay I

Women behind Cultural and Traditional Bars “I feel terrible for the women in the trivial Indian society”, a foreigner may exclaim, visiting India when she sees a woman being hit by her husband in public. “They don’t seem to have

Midwives are autonomous professionals who are responsible for delivering high quality and holistic care for women during the antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal period’s . This involves working in close partnership with women to enable the provision of all necessary support,

Although it remains rare in the United States, planned home birth has drawn increasing attention and criticism in the mainstream media and has come under attack from organized medicine. Yet, recent peer-reviewed studies contribute to the evidence base supporting home

Without neonatal care millions of pre-term infants would not have a fighting chance. Although the schooling and training to become a neonatal nurse can be extensive, it doesn’t have to be. Due to the need for neonatal clinicians many people

In today’s world where gender equality is slowly taking importance, men getting paternity leave does not seem like an alien idea. Maternity leaves are never objectionable however when it comes to paternity leaves it becomes one of the most controversial topics

During the first stage of labor, what is the effect of maternal positioning on duration of the first stage of labor, type of delivery, maternal satisfaction, and neonatal and maternal outcomes? Evidence-Based Answer Upright positions include sitting, standing, walking, and

A look at the history of the medical model of childbirth. This essay examines the history of the medical model of childbirth and considers the effects of medicalization a natural process. The paper suggests that medicalization childbirth reinforces patriarchal power

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