This paper discusses how the Christian scriptures make use of an intensely personal, narrative form of story that gives that religion its unique quality. This paper shows how the Christian scriptures use of an intensely personal, narrative form of story

A critical look at Christianity and how it has dealt with political opposition in the last 100 years. This paper is an in-depth discussion regarding the Church’s position on politics. The author covers such issues as school prayer, evolution, abortion,

History of success & cultural impact of Paul’s spreading of religion in 1st Cent. Roman seaport, based on book of Ephesians. The city of Ephesus was a major seaport in the first century Roman empire, located on the Cayster River.

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The debate surrounding homosexuality and Christianity and its implications for society. This paper looks at the widespread debate surrounding homosexuality, its causes, and some societal and Christian responses. It presents the arguments of “nature” vs “nurture” – the discussion whether

Positive & negative effects of Christian beliefs & churches on environmental movement. Religious, social, political, technological, developmental, theological & global aspects. The purpose of this research is to examine the effect that Christianity has had on environmentalism and environmental movements.

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