Color In film went through a self-contained evolution much Like sound. Many films of the silent era, for instance, used processes such as tinting and toning to give an overall color to the frame (Thomspon & Bordwell 34), Thompson and

The Might of Spite Plot Summary The movie is about a guy (Antagonist) and a girl (Protagonist) living together that get turns to do the laundry. The guy (Thando) is very lazy, watches TV the whole day and refuses to

When order is taken away chaos takes over. In Christopher Nolan’s, The Dark Knight (2008) there are many cinematic techniques which are used to highlight the mayhem that the Joker creates throughout the film. The Joker is a character in

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In film class this past week, we learned that there are many cinematic techniques used in films that contribute to the way a film is portrayed by an audience. We had the pleasure of watching a film directed by Orson

The scene I am going to analyse is the ending scene of the film La Haine (Mathieu Kassowitz, 1995). In the beginning of the scene, the camera gives us a longshot of the protagonists pulling the gang members body into

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