A discussion of the impact that violence on TV has on youth crime. This is an argumentative paper about violence on television and its impact on youth. The author argues that television violence influences youth crime. Included is a classification

This paper provides a comparative analysis of Oliver Stone’s work through the eyes of genre theory. This paper explores the validity of genre theory in cinema by comparing and contrasting the works of renowned director, Oliver Stone. The author looks

This paper examines the language teenagers use to chat via their mobile phones. This paper takes a look at the new phenomenon of text messages on cellular phones especially as they relate to teenage culture. “The negative effects of the

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This paper takes a close look at the animated series, “The Simpsons”. This paper analyzes the animated series “The Simpsons” by Matt Groening. It shows that the characters depict the nuclear Western family and faces the same struggles and celebrates

A discussion of the sign and symbol-based language experiments conducted with great apes over the last forty years, including criticisms, findings, and implications. Addresses projects with gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans, and bonobos. This paper addresses a number of different language experiments

An analysis of what is involved in the reporting field and what is required of a reporter. This paper presents an example of a multi-genre paper. The writer uses seven writing styles including poetry, diary entry, news writing, song writing,

Compares perspectives of Newsday & New York Daily News stories & columns critical of football team’s players & management. Newspapers every day cover the same stories and do so with slightly different perspectives according to the specific views of the

This paper lays out and details methods a manager or boss can use to motivate their employees. The author highlights about five methods including improved communication between employers and employees, variety of tasks for personnel and more flextime. “There are

This paper reviews many of the issues relating to society’s need to be entertained. This paper takes a look at `Entertainment` and how it allows society to have a very distinct high and low culture mentality present without really questioning

Comparison of two different marketing strategies; one based on humor and one on sex. This paper compares two different marketing strategies: humor and sex. The author discusses how comedy prevails over sexuality in advertisements because comedy is more memorable and

This paper looks how the TV series “Survivor” reflects true group dynamics . This paper starts by defining group dynamics and examines the popular TV series “Survivor” exemplifies this concept. It states that TV viewers experience a taste of reality

Philosophical analysis of relationship between words and ideas. Major thinkers & theories, examples, knowledge, signs & signifiers, deconsructionism, nature of mind. Language and Thought In Alfred North Whitehead’s phrase, the whole of the European philosophical tradition is but a series

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