This paper discusses network television advertising with reference to an in depth interview with Ms. South,a former sales executive at WWOR-TV UPN 9. The paper examines network television advertising, focusing specifically on United Paramount Network, their guidelines on clearance and

An examination of the conflict and rhetoric clashes between Ramus and Quintilian. This paper discusses the battle between Peter Ramus and Quintilian. The author compares this battle to the one between Iran and Iraq and examines the way that the

This paper outlines Fragile X disorder with a detailed description of the biological cause of the disorder, as well as an explanation of the subsequent communication disorders This paper looks at the debilitating disease called Fragile X Disorder. It examines

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Analyzes positive & negative effects, ethics, bias of media coverage of Titanic, 1992 L.A. riot, 1996 ValuJet crash. Americans turn to the media during natural disasters and severe weather as a source of information. Radio and television provide information on

Examines effect of TV on viewers’ political attitudes & behavior. Regular broadcast news, cable news, TV newsmagazines, fictionalized political stories, political commercials. Does television influence viewers’ political attitudes and/or affect their political behavior; and, if so, in what ways? The

Changes in society & in programming & advertising. Information, propaganda, censorship, violence, parenting, ethics. Ever since the emergence of commercial television broadcasting in the U.S. in 1941, when a mere eighteen stations were authorized by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

This paper examines the way the media aids in the construction of identities. This paper examines the way the media aids in the construction of identities. The author argues that the media controls certain images present on television, newspapers and

An argument for the universal use of v-chips to curb the television violence seen by children. The paper discusses the violence of television shows and its impact on children and explains how the v-chip, designed to dovetail with the rating

Original research covering a case study analysis in which an autistic child is assessed on responsiveness to various theoretical treatments for communication difficulties. Communication Difficulties and Autism Introduction Autism is a disorder that affects many different aspects of the child’s

This paper compares Plato’s theories about rhetoric and dialectic means of communication. This paper discusses Plato’s ideas on how we discover truth with continual dialogue. The author looks at Plato’s theories about the objective of dialectic and rhetoric and compares

This paper looks at the role of mass media in today’s society. This paper examines the role of the media in both private and public institutions. According to this author, the press’ role and influence in public policy has grown

A paper which shows how the federal government has used the media to sway public opinion and influence choices. A paper which shows that, by calling it propaganda in the form of patriotism, the American government has been successful in

Describes the lifestyle of individuals who have the disability known as deaf-blindness. This paper discusses the life of an individual who has the sensory impairment of deaf-blindness. The paper goes into detail of how a person with this impairment must

This paper explores what college freshman experience during their first year away from home. This paper explores the different experiences that students have while living on college campus. The paper discusses the difference in the college experience if you live

This paper examines the need for parental sex education for young children, and a study of how parents tend to affect children’s sexuality. This paper presents a detailed discussion about whether or not parents influence their children’s sexuality. The writer

Examines the Richard Jewell case and concludes that the news media has lost whatever ethical and professional codes that it once had. Ethics in the Media Introduction The media is constantly criticized. There are those who contend that there is

As more people opt for on-line relationships, they may find it more difficult to conduct face-to-face relationships. This paper explains how the Information Highway will affect the society in a manner that cannot yet be imagined and instead of a

Examines theory, goals, techniques & effectiveness of use of media to promote public health, focusing on anti-smoking/anti-drug efforts. Abstract. Americans have been faced in recent years with any number of health hazards, hazards identified by the government and the medical

A short look at the scope and challenges of distance learning in the U.S. This paper briefly explains the challenges of communicating with an instructor and a class in a distance learning situation. It explores the types of distance learning,

This paper looks at the reason advertisers use sex to sell their products. The writer looks at overt and covert advertising in order to give the reader a solid understanding of the basic theories that are used to sell products.

A research about the impact of the media on youth and adolescent development. This research attempts to examine the extent to which the media influences the lives of adolescents. The author attempts to investigate how the media impacts the socialization

A look at the dangers of cell phones and advanced technology. This paper discusses why cell phones are so dangerous by looking at a variety of accidents and injuries caused by cell phones. The author argues for the necessity of

A paper which explores investigative reporting as a career choice. This paper shows the advantages and disadvantages of making investigative reporting a career. It discusses ways one could break into this field, the monetary gains, the risks involved, as well

A study of the influences of American culture in the 1950s and 1960s on our society today. This paper examines how the decades of the 50s and 60s are so influential on American culture today. It looks are the period

An analysis of what is involved in the reporting field and what is required of a reporter. This paper presents an example of a multi-genre paper. The writer uses seven writing styles including poetry, diary entry, news writing, song writing,

A paper which questions the media’s role in creating teenage smokers. The effects of media are often the scapegoat for a lot of society’s problems and teen smoking is no exception. Many people believe that the media is solely to

This paper looks at the need for successful emergency communication in New York City. This paper examines the components necessary for successful emergency communication. The writer evaluates the actions of the New York City Emergency Communications Center in light of

A comparison between the media’s delivery of news and film making. This paper looks at the role that the media plays in portraying and delivering news with special reference to the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Towers. The

A discussion of yellow journalism and its influence on the world. Yellow journalism, a term used for the use of negligent and flamboyant newspaper reporting without regard to facts, is examined in this paper. Its history and development, its purpose

A study of the control of the media by historical and despotic governments. This paper looks at the media along with the control of media forms by historical and despotic governments such as Stalin’s regime and Nazi Germany. The paper

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