Building a Billion Dollar Empire “People always fear change. People feared electricity when it was invented, didn’t they? People feared coal, they feared gas-powered engines… There will always be ignorance, and ignorance leads to fear. But with time, people will

I admire Bill Gates very much. He is a talent who was born on October 28, 1955 evening. I admire Bill Gates because he is attentive, brainy, persevering, and frugal. And he has a great motto which hears with reason.

Manila, with its rich history, tourist attractions and spectacular sunset, offers an idyllic escape into a tropical island world. The City, located in the National Capital Region of the Philippines, is just two hours away from Hong Kong, Singapore, and

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In today’s generation, technology has made the man’s everyday life progressive. It contributed great changes not only in human but also in the world. Technology is the application of man’s creative imagination. It serves as the bridge to let people

This project is a computerized Enrollment System for BSIT and BSCS program of Sumulong College of Arts and sciences which provide faster and more convenient of storing information of student enrollees in a computer system and it will lessen the

A study into the development of modern computing machines This paper discusses the progress of all mechanical inventions, computers in particular. The paper shows how the idea of computers came about and highlights the roles of computers in the modern

Network control & growth, inexpensiveness, World Wide Web, user demographics, examples, obstacles, security & privacy, advertising, sales, access, future. Commerce on the Internet is still in its infancy, but many experts believe that the computer industry is poised for an

This paper details why the Linux system is appropriate for non-developed countries. This paper examines in detail the advantages of a Linux system in a country such as Pakistan. The author feels that the adoption of such a system at

Opportunities for & problems of marketing on information superhighway. Technology, webs, demographics, advertising, examples, coupons, on-line services and security. Introduction The information superhighway has received much media attention, but it remains a mystery to most Americans who lack a personal

A paper about the new laws on telecommunications and the types of bills passed in court. This paper investigates the federal legislation around telecommunications with focus on the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The author examines the history and formation of

Reviews the problems of privacy in the age of recorded information. Discusses concerns over abuse and the need for a comprehensive program of legislation to identify the problems, clarify the issues and offer a legal framework as a solution. Further

A discussion of the effect on education by the use of computers in elementary schools This paper is a study of how students in elementary schools with widespread computer usage in the classroom exhibit improved motor skills, enhanced mathematical thinking,

In this essay the writer discusses the slowing down of communication between workstations and other computers on the LAN. The following essay attempts to prove that networking hardware are incompatible and work at different speeds. The writer contends that these

This paper shows how educators now have a wide variety of resources available to them, which may not be traditional resources. Over the last decade, computer use at home, industry and educational sites has risen dramatically. This paper shows how

A discussion on the emerging world of electronic commerce where security is an ever-important issue both to consumers and business. The following paper examines issues of individual privacy and potential fraud which are chief concerns of both businesses and consumers

This paper describes the philosophy behind Open Source Software (OSS). This paper explains what open software is, why it was organized, what its benefits are and how it can be used. Case studies are included. “Open source is not a

An examination of the challenges facing the educational world following the trend of globalization and open borders. This is a seven-page paper concerning the topic of educational policies and curricula for foreign education. It examines how globalization affects the world

This paper looks at the impact of the internet on businesses, specifically the music industry. This paper looks at the impact of the internet on businesses, specifically the music industry, and the benefits of systems and technologies that can be

An examination of two websites for effectiveness and content. Two websites– and are compared as to their very different intentions. The first is a non-profit organization providing information for skydivers. The other is a commercial site run by

This paper describes the advantages of the database program Access. This paper focuses on an examination of some of the most important features of Access, including the ease that it provides in developing applications and of the VBA IDE in

This paper discusses videoconferencing, a meeting composed of individuals who are in different places communicating via audio and video links. This paper demonstrates how videoconferencing works including the components, proper protocol and bandwidth. The author explores the uses, advantages and

Contribution of MISs to business operations, decision-making, strategic advantages; case study of Chrysler Corp. The innovations in inventory control mark a dramatic departure from the more traditional FIFO (first in, first out) and LIFO (last in, first out) systems that

This is case history on Napster, which includes the background, a timeline, the outcome, the public relations aspect, and the conclusion. This paper traces the history of the controversial music sharing internet provider, Napster. The bulk of the paper is

This paper examines the influence of e-mail on the way people inhabit places and its affect on the intra-office communication and creation process. A special look is taken at the corporate office where e-mail has become a standard way to

Examines regulatory proposals. Fines, obscenity, sexual messages, protecting children, role of parents and free speech. The following presents the topic of Internet censorship in UAE versus the UK. The history of Internet censorship is discussed with an argument for and

A study of Virtual Private Networks – how they work and the financial and security benefits of using them. This report provides a detailed evaluation of Virtual Private Networks. This discussion begins with an account of how the system operates.

A discussion on Voice and Video over, a relatively new communication technology that, though still in a development stage, is now sufficiently mature and available for use. The following paper examines how well ‘Voice and Video over IP’ works and

A study of consumer and business concerns over internet sales transactions security. This paper examines in depth the Internet security concerns for consumers and business in their commerce transactions. This paper focuses on the problems that are actually being faced

This paper discusses and analyzes the process of binary addition. The following paper analyzes the process of adding binary numbers by making reference to an addition algorithm as an example of this process. Background information to binaries is included. From

This paper looks at some of the issues surrounding the use of electronic mail. This paper looks at the question of how to correctly format your e-mail and attempts to illustrate proper form and usage. The author breaks down all

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