This paper details why the Linux system is appropriate for non-developed countries. This paper examines in detail the advantages of a Linux system in a country such as Pakistan. The author feels that the adoption of such a system at

Opportunities for & problems of marketing on information superhighway. Technology, webs, demographics, advertising, examples, coupons, on-line services and security. Introduction The information superhighway has received much media attention, but it remains a mystery to most Americans who lack a personal

A study of Virtual Private Networks – how they work and the financial and security benefits of using them. This report provides a detailed evaluation of Virtual Private Networks. This discussion begins with an account of how the system operates.

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A discussion on Voice and Video over, a relatively new communication technology that, though still in a development stage, is now sufficiently mature and available for use. The following paper examines how well ‘Voice and Video over IP’ works and

A paper on the ethics of computer disposal. This paper discusses the ethics of discarded computers in relation to the philosophy of John Stuart Mills. It looks at the environmental issues of disposal and Mills’ theory of usefulness. The author

The following paper examines the computer language, SQL which stands for “Structured Query Language” and shows how this computer language allows a user to pose complex questions of a database. This paper examines how SQL is designed to work with

This paper shows how educators now have a wide variety of resources available to them, which may not be traditional resources. Over the last decade, computer use at home, industry and educational sites has risen dramatically. This paper shows how

A discussion on the emerging world of electronic commerce where security is an ever-important issue both to consumers and business. The following paper examines issues of individual privacy and potential fraud which are chief concerns of both businesses and consumers

This paper describes the philosophy behind Open Source Software (OSS). This paper explains what open software is, why it was organized, what its benefits are and how it can be used. Case studies are included. “Open source is not a

An examination of the challenges facing the educational world following the trend of globalization and open borders. This is a seven-page paper concerning the topic of educational policies and curricula for foreign education. It examines how globalization affects the world

This paper examines how accessibility to learning and information has improved over the years. This paper provides evidence and argument that the universal accessibility has improved since the year 1997 for schools and libraries across the nation and the world.

Reviews the technological & ideological pieces that came together to create what is today called the Internet. Argues that the Internet is here to stay & that it will fundamentally change society. The History of the Internet Introduction: The Need

This paper analyzes the various marketing techniques that the automobile industry uses on the Internet. An examination of 20 sites of automobile manufacturers seeking to understand how car manufacturers use marketing strategies to attract customers. The investigation also reveals the

This paper discusses technological effects on tourism and destination development. This paper is an analysis of several different types of technology , and the effect that each of them has on on different part of the tourism industry. Some of

Contribution of MISs to business operations, decision-making, strategic advantages; case study of Chrysler Corp. The innovations in inventory control mark a dramatic departure from the more traditional FIFO (first in, first out) and LIFO (last in, first out) systems that

This is case history on Napster, which includes the background, a timeline, the outcome, the public relations aspect, and the conclusion. This paper traces the history of the controversial music sharing internet provider, Napster. The bulk of the paper is

This paper examines the influence of e-mail on the way people inhabit places and its affect on the intra-office communication and creation process. A special look is taken at the corporate office where e-mail has become a standard way to

Examines regulatory proposals. Fines, obscenity, sexual messages, protecting children, role of parents and free speech. The following presents the topic of Internet censorship in UAE versus the UK. The history of Internet censorship is discussed with an argument for and

A technical study of ACARS – Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System. This paper describes how this system allows aircrafts to communicate and report to the ground and vice versa. It explains the processes involved, the transmitting of data on

This paper compares the special effects of “Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones ” and “Spiderman” both released in summer 2002. A comparison of two films, “Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones” and “Spiderman” with particular

An essay on creating an Internet that is accessible for the disabled populations. This paper examines the current action taken today to make the Internet accessible for disabled users. The paper explains how the virtual world (world wide web) and

A look at what is considered to be the only viable competition for Microsoft Windows – The Unix Linux operating system. This paper discusses why the Unix/Linux Operating System has become popular and its major advantages as compared to Microsoft

This paper looks at some of the issues surrounding the use of electronic mail. This paper looks at the question of how to correctly format your e-mail and attempts to illustrate proper form and usage. The author breaks down all

A discussion of the benefits gained from improved technology, as well as the problems it creates. This paper examines the positive impact technology has had in many areas of life, such as the environment, transportation, business, communication and health. Associated

This paper focuses on the place of the electronic contract in modern day law practice. This paper explores e-commerce and the legality of such translations that are increasing so rapidly. The paper examines the formation of electronics contract and discusses

A discussion of Lucent Technologies’ recent financial collapse. An examination of Lucent Technologies, and their drop from a top rated company to one in danger of bankruptcy. It explores the background to this collapse – both internal and external factors

The paper studies computer repair technician as a career choice. The paper shows that the demand for computer repair technicians is great due to the increasing numbers of computers in use today. It studies the courses of study for people

A paper which introduces Itanium Company’s new software design, a concept called EPIC. The paper shows how Itanium’s design, the product of a partnership between Intel and HP, revolves around on a concept called EPIC (explicitly parallel instruction computing). It

This paper explains how the intellectual property laws are ignored on Napster, Kazaa, Gnutella and other file-sharing networks. This essay is an in-depth analysis of file-sharing technology (Napster, Kazaa) and its relation to modern intellectual property laws. In order to

The paper discusses distance learning by means of the Internet. E-learning is the process of teaching and learning through the use of the Internet. The writer discusses several aspects of e-learning including who does it, how it is done and

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