An examination of the options available in the Information Technology (IT) world for network crashes in order to save data. This paper briefly discusses methods used by IT professionals when faced by bugs in the network and the inability to

This paper covers a variety of topics related to learning styles. The author includes auditory, visual and kinesthetic, among others. The author also covers the emergence of online learning. Introduction: What is learning? How Do People Learn? What is a

Compares and contrasts the use of formal methods and informal methods within the software process. This paper investigates the role of formal methods (such as Z, Object-Z, VDM, B) within the software process and compares these to less formal methods

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An exploration of the influence digital technology has had on the music industry. The paper explores in detail the positive and negative impacts of digital technology on the music industry in general and on digital music companies. The paper then

Features, advantages & disadvantages of two architectures (complex & reduced instruction set computing) & UNIX operating system. Instructions, decoding, performance, portability and pipelining. Introduction All computers have two key components that determine their performance and power: architecture and operating system.

Describes the inner workings of a modern computer, focusing on the microprocessor, or a CPU on a single silicon chip. The Operation of a Microprocessor Within a PCS Introduction The microprocessor has become the work horse of the modern electronics

A study on the demands of an information technology professional. This paper examines the employer requirements for an information technology professional. The paper is well researched, with survey information and illustrations. The paper states that information system managers must have

Examined in terms of its definition, history, newsgroups, reliability of information, World Wide Web, corp. & govt. use and regulation. The Internet is a network of networks which links some 10,000 other computer networks, and several million individual computers–from university

An examination of the aspects of Internet security. This paper is about Internet Security issues regarding E-commerce. The author touches on the history and the future of security while also discussing the recent denial of service attacks on several large

Examines alternative approach to software development, focusing on Rumbaugh Object Modeling Technique. History, concepts, advantages. Object-oriented analysis and design (OOAD) offers an approach to system design that focuses on basic problems not covered in traditional approaches. This alternative approach employs

This paper is an in-depth examination of how the virtual age has affected the way small businesses are run, especially booksellers. This paper examines the complexities of doing business in our virtual age, looking at the particular challenges of marketing

A discussion on the V.P.N and its advantages. This paper discusses the advantages of setting up a Virtual Private Network (VPN). The author introduces the definition of VPN, lists the types of existing VPN systems, and examines relevant security and

A detailed look into the workings of e-commerce. This paper presents an in-depth look at global e-commerce. The writer takes us on an exploratory journey through the workings of e-commerce businesses in general and then fine-tunes the paper with a

An examination on firewall security protection from computer network hackers. The paper explores network protection through firewall security software. It discusses the damage to personal and organization information by hackers. The paper examines the issues of the organizational budget requirements,

An in-depth discussion of Internet crimes, how the criminals access the victims information and what can be done for personal protection on the Internet. This paper offers an extensive study into the phenomenon of Internet crimes such as identity and

A comparison of different operating systems used in Microsoft Windows. This paper compares and contrasts the Microsoft Windows operating systems: Windows 98, Windows, Windows CE, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT, and the Open Source operating system Linux. It describes

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