Examines the history of nanotechnology since it was first proposed in 1959. Assesses some of the potential future directions of the field. Discusses some of the philosophical dilemmas in the field. Nanotechnology: Wonder-Cure or Major Hype? An Introduction to Nanotechnology

A look at how technology improves health care services This paper examines the way advanced technology improves health care. The author looks at various fields for improvement such as quality of health care, costs of health care and the storing

A comparison of different operating systems used in Microsoft Windows. This paper compares and contrasts the Microsoft Windows operating systems: Windows 98, Windows, Windows CE, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT, and the Open Source operating system Linux. It describes

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This paper discusses modeling of bipolar junction transistors, specifically using the Ebers-Moll Model; included are graphs/charts/mathematical formulae. This paper discusses modeling of bipolar junction transistors, specifically using the Ebers-Moll Model. The author includes charts and graphs in support of the

Examines multiple local area computer network. Applications, risks, traffic flow, link usage, bridge & router performance, data compression, circuit-switched services, security, more. As computers have proliferated in the business world, the need to connect individual computers and even entire systems

Role in effective use of information by organizations, decision making, applications, examples, analysis tools, neural networking. The amount of data available to most organizations in the contemporary is staggering and continuing to grow (Gessaroli, 1995, p. 64). This outcome is

A discussion on the consequences of cybercrime on children and the ways in which we can make children safe from sexual predators without harming them in the process. This paper proposes a research project on a field of cybercrime that

An analysis of Dell’s differentiation strategy in areas of direct selling, developing new technology and meeting clients’ expectations. This paper analyzes Dell’s differentiation strategy in areas of direct selling, developing new technologies and meeting customers’ expectation. The author describes how

Case analysis of a fictional small research company technology manager who must purchase a LAN system that provides both Intranet & Internet service. Financial Benefits of Analyzing Emerging Technology Argument There is one primary question most business executives ask when

An insight into the use of the Internet by society with an emphasis on Internet addiction. This paper describes how the Internet has taken the world by storm and how people are becoming increasingly addicted to it. It examines these

A comparison and review of hypertext literature. This paper compares various works of hypertext literature: “Radiant Textuality” by Jerome McGann, “The Gutenberg” by Steven Birkerts, “From Text to Hypertext” By Silvio Gaggi, “Hypertext” by George P. Landow, “Hypertext” by Geoffrey

A study of this offense, within the context of a case study. This paper covers the issues related to Internet abuse, sexual harassment and e-mail harassment in the work place based on a given case study. The case study illustrates

This paper delves into the issues of speed and security of today’s internet. This paper delves into the issues of speed and security of today’s internet. The author touches on ancillary topics: possible internet crashes, spam, the future of email.

Theory & applications. Training workers, manufacturing, medical field, methodology & implementation, system development options, user concerns, software. The applications of multimedia technologies in commercial environments are reviewed in this research. Emphasis in this review is placed on multimedia applications in

An examination of the current states and trends of the hardware and software industries. This paper looks at the future state of the hardware and software industries. The author stresses the decrease in the requirements and demands of new technology

A discussion about Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and artificial intelligence. This paper describes HCI as the process by which the human enters data into a computer and the computer processes that data and returns new data to the person, and

This paper reviews two worthwhile web pages on the subject of mental health. The paper evaluates the CANMAT website and “Dr. Ivan’s Depression Central as resources for mental health. With respect to CANMAT, the paper looks at the composition of

A paper which discusses the strategies a manager should adopt in order to ensure the security of the information within the organization. The paper shows that to address the issue of information security of an organization, managers should develop certain

An examination of this successful website-business and its marketing secrets. is the leading website in Sports media and e-commerce related to sporting goods products. This paper looks at its successful business and marketing plans and examines why the site

Examines emergency management procedures, fire inspections & prevention, sprinkler systems. ”Throughout the lifetime of a building, managing fire safety is a continuous process that starts with its initial design which aims to ensure that fire incidents are minimized, and even

Evolution of industrial planning, production, miniaturization, technology & marketing in Japan & global market, focusing on electronics & automobiles. Before the Second World War, Japanese industrial design was rooted in the national tradition of craftsmanship, and was heavily influenced by

Historical overview, services, access, webs, structure, regulation of pornography, future. The Internet is a network of networks which links some 10,000 other computer networks, and several million individual computers–from university and governmental supercomputers to individuals’ personal computers into an electronic

An in-depth paper which studies how the creation of a good website should be based on the principals of art. The author of the paper shows that graphic communication has always been important through history as an art, and therefore

A discussion on the importance of researching the web for references and information about various topics. The following paper examines the importance of web research to instructors, students, writers and researchers. The way in which there are no time barriers

Examining the benefits and drawbacks of the Internet and the World Wide Web in the modern classroom. A discussion of the potential and reality, both positive and negative, regarding the use of the Internet and the World Wide Web in

A study in the security of accessing networks remotely. The purpose of this paper is to introduce and discuss available methods to secure a network so people can access it remotely. The paper describes the network administrators’ challenge of securing

Examines the developments of modern rocketry, including the initial development of gunpowder and the works of Jules Verne. Concludes that it is impossible to determine the birth of any particular technology. TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT OF ROCKETRY It is said that some

An insight into different types of computer networking This paper gives a short description of the different types of computer networks such as LAN and WAN and internet and intranet. “Many corporations have a need for their employees and/or clients

An explanation of the these elements in information systems. The technological element of an information system consists of hardware, software and networks. The objective of this paper is to present basic conceptual information relating to each of these three areas.

This paper outlines the significant changes information technology has on individual’s daily lives. This paper examines the important role information technology has had in shaping society. It specifies the development of the silicon chip and its influence on everything from

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