A descriptive paper on Bluetooth wireless technology. This paper discusses what is Bluetooth and where it got its name from. It shows how in 1984 Ericsson Corporation began a study to examine radio links as an alternatives to the cables

An overview of the scope of distance learning classes in the U.S., and some practical considerations of the problems and solutions involved in teaching and taking such a class. This paper takes brief look at the challenges of communicating with

A detailed look at the advantages and disadvantages of telework. This paper depicts the notion of telework and its various aspects. It details why the world has turned to telework and what the advantages and disadvantages are in such a

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A look into the importance of a computer education. A discussion of the formation of a computer curriculum for students, how it should be composed and to whom it should be offered. The author discusses the importance of providing a

Examines industry structure, products & services, competition, pricing, profits, trade barriers and research; focusing on IBM’s strategy. Includes a table. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Computing is a diversified industry that includes sectors devoted to computer hardware, software, maintenance, and services. The computer

Case study analysis of the ability of existing Internet technology to adapt MasonACE hardware stores into an international operation. USING CURRENT INTERNET TECHNOLOGY TO EXPAND OPERATIONS HARDWARE STORE TO A MULTINATIONAL OPERATION Introduction Much attention in academic literature has been

Examines its history from 1840 horse-drawn omnibuses to the 1990s rail and bus system and its effect on the city’s development and expansion. DEVELOPMENT OF THE TRANSIT SYSTEM IN PHILADELPHIA Introduction This research reviews the development of public transit in

A look at the development of the system and how it works. Today it seems like everyone is talking about something called “broadband”, its importance, and how it’s going to affect and enhance your computing experience. However, it is rarely

A technical comparison & contrast between Microsoft Windows 98 & Windows CE operating systems. This paper compares and contrasts the Microsoft Windows operating systems: Windows 98 and Windows CE. It describes the key features of each, the system requirements, installation

An argument advocating the full right to free speech on the Internet, with a focus on pornography. This paper explores both sides of the internet censorship debate and settles upon the advocacy of unbridled free speech. The following topics are

Use & effectiveness, technology, programs, examples, graphics. Computers can be effectively used as another teaching tool aimed at reading instruction. Some observers view computer technology as a force that will radically change instructional practice, almost replacing teachers. Others believe that

A look at e-commerce and how it has shaped the 21st century. This paper explain what e-commerce is and how it has developed. The author of the paper examines various aspects of e-commerce; its uses and advantages for aspects such

A look at the newest form of crime – cybercrime, focusing on children accessing pornography on the Internet. This paper proposes a research project on a field of cybercrime that is of particular concern to parents and all of those

This paper details how videoconferencing works in fields as diverse as business, medicine and education. This paper analyzes how videoconferencing has revolutionized the telecommunications industry. It details the technology and lists the many different places that it can be applied.

Examines the current trends in the software industry and discusses the software situation from the end-user perspective. Computer Software Introduction As an article in Fortune magazine put it, software is everywhere, in the office, the kitchen, and even the bedroom

Discusses its invention in 1862, features, military uses to the 1980s, advantages and disadvantages. THE ORIGINS AND EFFECTS OF THE GATLING GUN The Gatling gun was invented by Richard Jordan Gatling in 1862. The weapon frequently is described as a

This paper outlines the influence Bill Gates has had in computers, technology, and business. This paper discusses the life of Bill Gates, founder and chairman of Microsoft. It details his young adult life and how he came to create a

An examination of this new technology, its advantages over the older traditional cockpit and what the future holds. This paper explores an emerging technology known as the glass cockpit and explains the human factors that influence the implementation of this

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