The Rougarou Deep in Cajun country there is a legend, it is the legend of a shape shifter known by the locals as the Rougarou. The Rougarou is known to suck the blood out of its prey, somewhat similar to

However, several colors have been reported such as dark brown, reddish brown, light brown, gray, and in rare instances, white. Most sightings have reported that the hair on Sasquatch is quite wiry and appears to be matted to the creature.

The belief of the existence of Bigfoot is cyptozoology. When you google the word bigfoot you will get 8,400,000 hits. (google search). The trash has to be weeded out which can be done by using google scholar’s advance search options

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Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen. ” -Michael Jordan. This quote tells me that I have to work hard to achieve goals and dreams, so when I made a bucket list

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