A history of the cultivation of Artemia culture. An insight into the history of Artemia cultivation (shrimp production) including an explanation of different types and analysis of the ideal conditions for their breeding. “Prior to 1950 mariculture involved trapping baby

This paper is a critical analysis of the common misconceptions regarding the ancient African civilization. This paper argues that there are many misconceptions regarding Africa as a ?dark continent?. On the contrary, the author attempts to prove that there is

This paper examines the impact on Guatemala’s social culture of the Arbenz land reform. The following paper discusses the three major effects that land reform had on Guatemalan social culture. Questions such as: What groups, exactly, benefited from the reforms?

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A comparative analysis paper about “Lolita” and “Kiss of the Spider Woman”. In both “Kiss of the Spider Woman” and “Lolita”, unconventional parental relationships lead to abnormalities in the behaviors of Molina and Lolita, respectively. This paper compares Nabokov’s Lolita

A study of the importance of health assessments and the cultural issues involved. This paper outlines a theoretical background of the importance of health assessments. The writer claims that health assessment is a basic criterion for recording patient information, of

This paper discusses the evolution of the human brain and how intelligence and culture are determined by biological factors. This paper examines human culture and how intelligence is determined by biological factors. The author discusses the origins of the human

A study of the influences of American culture in the 1950s and 1960s on our society today. This paper examines how the decades of the 50s and 60s are so influential on American culture today. It looks are the period

A look at the Sinhala elite and Shiv Sena sub-cultures of Asia and how their customs have developed since the Colonial period. This paper considers the issue of culture within the context of post-colonial Asia. The paper examines the cultural

A study of American youth culture with reference to literature. The paper studies the rise and evolution of American youth culture over the last decade. This is achieved through a critical review of two literary works. The first is a

An analysis of the importance of understanding other cultures in the business world by examining a hypothetical takeover by a large international firm of a smaller American one. This paper explores a (hypothetical) takeover of a small American company that

A descriptive essay showing through fictitious newspaper articles and other media sources the Spanish conquest on Mexico and the character of the local Aztecs. The author of this paper uses an original style to produce this essay which brings across

This paper explains the underlying philosophies of the YMCA organization. Created in response to the substandard living and working conditions that were an inevitable side effect of the Industrial Revolution, the YMCA today can be found in over 120 countries

Ethnographic study of culture, social organization, Anglo influence, system of status, fishing of native people of British Columbia & Alaska. Raven, the spirited trickster, became bored with flying above the endless sea in the darkness of perpetual night. He looked

An analysis of the role of French and English nationalism in the novels “Shirley” and “Villette” by Charlotte Bronte. This paper discusses the novels Shirley and Villette, which explore the relationship between the French and English through characters’ interactions with

A study exploring the inter-relationship between the individual, culture and society. The paper explores the true meaning and distinct definitions of culture and society. It defines culture as the set of beliefs, values, behavior and material objects constituting a people’s

An examination of past Indian society and caste system and its relation to today’s society. This essay deals with the characteristics of civilization in India during the time of Siddhartha. The author focuses on how the values during the time

This paper is an anthropological study of gendered sex roles in several cultures. This paper examines the roles of males and females in several cultures. The author focuses primarily on the interaction between the genders in terms of sex, marriage,

Positive impact of trade agreements on global exports of U.S. vegetables, meat & dairy products. NAFTA AND UNITED STATES AGRICULTURE Introduction This research examines the effects of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) on agricultural industries in the United

A brief discussion on the Amish and their culture and customs. The following paper examines how the Amish are known to live non-resistant lives, and follow the teachings in the Bible in a literal sense. The writer takes a look

Examines materialist & environmentalist theories on history & development of world agriculture. Theories on the evolution of agriculture are numerous and contradictory. These theories fall into two main categories. The materialist theories have Marxist economic theory as the reason for

Anthropological analysis of Spanish-French group. History, population, geography, ethnicity, language, archaeology. Present day Basques come to the attention of most of the world in relation to nationalistic and terrorist activities seeking independence from Spain (Ben-Ami, 1991, p. 493). The Basque

A detailed look at the early hominids and their lifestyles. This paper examines the early hominids and aspects of their culture. The author identifies the early hominids and examine the morphological and archaeological evidence for and against human culture in

Compares insights into Japanese culture, value systems, roles of Japanese & Amer. women, ethnocentrism, ethics, modernization. “The Chrysanthemum & The Sword” ( Ruth Benedict ) & “The Japanese Mind” (Robert C Christopher ) A key element of Japanese culture is

A detailed look at how America impacted the development of globalization. This report looks at the impact of American culture on the development and advancement of globalization. The author first examines the history of Americanization during the 20th Century and

Analyzes fish farm industry, focusing on shrimp. Technology, environmental management, law & policy, economic theory related to property rights, global issues. Table. This research examines the shrimp aquaculture industry. The functioning of the industry is reviewed within the contexts of

Describes the history, growth, & spread of the Buddhism. Examines the reasons for the religion’s popularity & unpopularity. Discusses the prospects for Buddhism in the future. The Contributions of Buddhism to the Asian Cultures Viewing Buddhism as a mystical religion

Changes in society & in programming & advertising. Information, propaganda, censorship, violence, parenting, ethics. Ever since the emergence of commercial television broadcasting in the U.S. in 1941, when a mere eighteen stations were authorized by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Five short essays on elements of popular culture. The first discusses popular culture generally. The second examines cultural conflict. The final three discuss aspects of the use of the reflexive mode in literature and film.

An examination of the corporate culture and its significance in organizational management. This paper discusses the importance of corporate culture in management and in the overall functioning of organizations. The author examines the way that corporate culture impacts organizational behavior.

Compares cultures (individual and society, personal space) and examines the effective American use of Japanese management styles (just-in-time systems, work groups) in General Motors Saturn division. Introduction Japanese management techniques, including just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing and quality circles (QC), have gained

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