Section 2(2) defines ‘assessment’ as follows – ‘Assessment’ includes provisional assessment, reassessment and any order of assessment in which the duty assessed is Nil. Thus, ‘assessment’ includes ‘Nil’ assessment. Noting of Bill of Entry – Bill of Entry submitted by

This report has also given us an opportunity to sharpen our views, ideas regarding export import law which will be a very useful for our future professional career as well as in our individual life. We have tried our best

Defines businesses & compares purposes, formation, federal income tax issues, pension plans & benefits, shareholder liability. This research paper describes the essential similarities and differences between a Subchapter S corporation (an S corporation) and a partnership with the emphasis on

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Problems, govt. policy, debt, foreign exchange, politics, banking & credit structure, imports/exports, compared to other Southern African nations, role of World Bank. Charts. This research provides an economic profile of Zambia. The profile is developed within the contexts of the

This paper discusses some of the major concepts that are involved in the study of economics. This paper discusses some important concepts of economics including inefficiency of monopolies and law of diminishing returns. The paper details several different concepts and

An in-depth study of the use of the American Dollar currency to halt the hyperinflation in Argentina. This paper is an in-depth analysis of the dollarizing of Argentina’s economy. It describes the affects of the Convertibility Plan aimed at ending

A discussion on the influence of Canadian economic and political factors and how they prevent bank mergers from occurring. This paper examines the reasons both for the proposed merger of a number of Canada’s most important banks and the final

Examines the advantages & disadvantages of exporting to Brazil & the potential impact for the company, its home city & state, & the nation. Possibility of Exporting ElektroTEK Ham Radios to Brazil James Monroe, manager of ElektroTEK Ham Radios in

Examines the micro and macro-economic, political and social factors that contributed to the Thai financial crisis of 1997-8. Discusses exchange rates, size and openness, inflation, wage rates, financial sector development, central bank and mobility of ca “Introduction: Situation Overview On

This paper looks at the events at the Federal Reserve Open Market committee meeting in October 2000. This paper examines the reasons why the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee at its October 2000 meeting decided to leave the Federal Funds

The author examines the economy in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, analyzing the impact on consumer confidence, the stock market and government spending. This paper examines the effects of terrorism on the economy. It explains that there are three

Impact of computer & communications technology on economic & operational results. Broadband & narrowband types, evaluation, expressive systems, examples (focusing on effects on stock brokerage firms). IMPACT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ON ORGANIZATIONAL PERFORMANCE Introduction This research examines the impact of

Causes, effects & trends, focusing on Reagan years & impact of his policies on drop in inflation. Inflation, the tendency of prices to increase from year to year (or, to put the same thing in different terms, the steadily declining

Analyzes prospect for exporting personal computer educational programming. Product, marketing, Korean environment (culture, economics, U.S. relations), barriers, licensing, piracy. South Korea is one of the strongest economic forces in Southeast Asia, and presents good opportunities for companies who want to

Argues in favor of salary caps in Major League Baseball. This paper is an argumentative essay about the need for salary caps in Major league Baseball. The paper argues that salary caps are necessary in order survive as a profitable

A discussion on the industrial policy in the U.S. and the effect of governmental involvement on its economy. This paper discusses the effect the industrial policy in the US has on its economy. The writer debates whether governmental involvement in

Forecasting theory, impact of I.S. advances on business predictions, example (Living Centers of Amer.), contingency approach to management. IMPACTS OF ADVANCES IN INFORMATION SCIENCE ON BUSINESS FORECASTING Introduction Technology management is assuming greater importance in contemporary business organizations (Cyert &

Examines the Korean economic situation during the 1997 crisis. Reviews the development of chaebol system, its decision making process, & links between chaebols & banks. Assesses the outlook for the future. The Changing Economic Models of Chaebol Capitalism Introduction and

Examines the Asian population in the Bay Area in three steps: a demographic overview, analysis of two recent events (campaign finance scandal and Prop. 187) and an analysis of a new unification of the various Asian-American communities. The Position of

This paper discusses the history of the Euro. This paper looks at the short but turbulent history of the Euro and what the future is likely to bring for this sometimes embattled and always idealistic currency. Topics discussed is the

Definition, purpose, yields, prices, ratings, risks and contracts. Introduction The term stocks and bonds is commonly used by those referring to investment instruments, but there are fundamental differences between these types of investments. Both stocks and bonds are offered by

Sociological analysis of creation & effects of 1994 document. Political background, democratic elections, apartheid, economics. The purpose of this research is to examine the new constitution of South Africa from a sociological perspective. The plan of the research will be

A study of the effect of the Euro on the strength of the U.S. dollar. The author shows that since the introduction of the euro into actual usage this year, some economists and business people have worried about the effect

Examines interrelationship among policy, international trade & economic theory in general & applied to govt. & business in Australia. An industrial policy attempts to provide an economic environment that either (1) supports industrial development generally, or (2) promotes the development

This paper examines the correlations between slavery, economics, and the Civil War. This paper shows how the study of the economics surrounding slavery can give a better understanding of the issues surrounding both slavery and the Civil War. Topics covered

A research of the current economic situation in the U. S. and possible solutions. A look at the current recession and how it could be avoided. This paper uses quotes and facts about historical U.S. recessions to discuss the current

Effects of General Agreement on Tariffs & Trade, World Trade Organization, U.S. & regional trade policy on Australian economy. GATT & THE WTO: EFFECTS ON AUSTRALIA?S ECONOMY This research examines the effects of GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade)

Discusses the theory of the General Demand Function as it applies to the financial services industry. Clarifies definitions, presents data on the size of the industry & how it generates profits, & summarizes means of measuring or determining production. An

Analyzes three separate aspects of NAFTA. First examines the history of the trade pact, next the current state of relations among the three trading partners, last the outlook and challenges for the future. Analysis of the North American Free Trade

An argument in favor of increasing minimum wages in greater increments in order to avoid the decline of living standards from inflation. The paper presents an argument for raising minimum wage increases in higher increments so that inflation does not

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