I woke up earlier than my brother as every other day of the week. I took a fifteen minute warm shower. It left me with twenty five more minutes to get dressed, have breakfast, brush my teeth, say good bye

When I was a 7 years old my life was flipped around. My father had a massive brain tumor the size a softball and he was not the same after that he was treated me and my mom awfully .My

Looks can be deceiving, but the scenic view of drizzling showers is beyond our picturing power. Despite the fact that, almost everyone likes rain, but if it rains in winter, people dissuade on going out to enjoy the dribbling showers

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I am a brave young women who knows what it feels like to be afraid. I have been afraid of a lot of fears, for example: heights, presenting to a large group, choking, the dentist murdering me somehow, my parents

Dragging my tired self to my locker one Tuesdayafternoon, I picked up my books and shoved them into my bag. I pulled out mysports bag, dreading cross-country practice and thinking of all I had to do thatnight: write an English

As two atomic water bombs dropped from my eyes, I could not help but to think of the relationship between the results of the atomic bomb and my geometry quiz; both were devastating. Earlier in class, Mr. Cornelius stood glaring

After getting all of luggage’s, and get everything checked out, like our passport, and some other stuff I don’t remember. When walked out of the airport, the whole family was waiting for us to show up. After everybody gave each

If you put teens today into elegant dresses and tights and taught them how to speak without slang, they could fit right into William Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet’s inner emotions and psychology are so similar to

As long as I can remember every Sunday has been the same, waking up with the smell of breakfast ready and sitting on the couch with our pj’s still on. Mom and Dad cook breakfast in the kitchen as us

The things my dad taught me were many. Things I saw, things I felt, things I heard, things I experienced outside of my senses. Things tangible, things abstract, things wonderful in their obviousness, things harder to tell apart than me

Transitional Birthday I stare blankly at myself in an old and dirty mirror. Every year I somehow end up in my parents’ bathroom on the day of my birthday. Today is my 13th birthday. As I stare into the mirror,

I couldn’t wait for summer. Then I found out that my mom and grandparents had planned a thirty-seven day trip to the western states. My excitement escaped me. After I heard the bad news, I heard the worst. I learned

When I signed up to teach Pre-Kindergarten Sunday school, I received a list of names of children I had known since they were infants. As my eyes scrolled down the list, my breath stopped when I came across the name

The printer hummed behind my back, and I turned back to see a long strand of bright yellow paper coming out. I rushed to it and neatly tore the perforated yellow stickers and read the instructions. I soon began to

It was just another Bruins game that my dad had gotten tickets for against the Montreal Canadians. It was an important game and every time I watch or hear hockey being mentioned throughout the day, I recall a memory. From

“How do you measure, measure a year?” If one were to reflect on this idea, many different, personal thoughts might come to mind. Mostly though, I think of Scene One, Act Two, of Jonathan Larson’s rock opera, Rent. Suddenly, I’m

Deep mahogany wood glides under my feet; the floorboard creeks halfway between the closet and the TV. I walked into the hotel room. I threw my red cross-body bag onto the middle bed and claimed it as mine. I continued

I woke to the vibrations of my cell phone on the table next to where I was sleeping. I look at the front screen and it said Chad Coffen. I answered with a early morning almost yawing “Hello.” Chad Replies,

There I sat, tensed up in a chair outside my elementary school library. Why did I volunteer for this? I thought to myself. The image of Mr. Traller popped into my head, and what happened to his daughter. My friend

One day I will be the face and leader of a major corporation. Some may doubt the validity of that statement, but I can assure you that I do not. In kindergarten, I was classified as having a learning disability.

Every day before I left my boss always said the world is your playground and don’t you ever forget it. The best part of my daily routine is work and yes, many high school students don’t look forward to work,

The phone rang an hour later after he was taken. My mother, full with panic and anxiety, with chills all over her corpulent, pear-shaped body, picked up the phone. It turns out that the kidnappers were the callers, and went

“Paige, they need you to go down to the office,” said my teacher. There was an eerie tone in her voice. I was never known to get into trouble, so I knew something was wrong. It got even more confusing

It was a cool autumn day, October 5, 2004’my twelfth birthday. School was out for the day, and students swarmed out of Landstuhl middle school like bees leaving a hive. Amid the congested crowd, I gleefully emerged from the dim

“Mom died five minutes ago.” I looked up at my dad, understanding in that moment that our 15-month ordeal was over. My life could finally begin again. My mom was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer in 2008. I spent

What does a regular school day in your life look like? Alarm goes off at six o’clock a.m., you rush to get everything done in fifteen minutes, hop in the car, get to school, attend your classes, see your friends,

The day we went bike riding in Adventure Physical Education tried me the most. We headed out; I was biking and talking with my friends. After the teacher leading us took us in the wrong direction, we turned around. At

“Are you sitting down? Sit down. Linda’s had a brain aneurism rupture. She probably won’t live through the night, but if she does, she will be in surgery tomorrow morning.” This is the short call we got from my mother’s

It was 4 am I rolled out of bed to the sound of my dad knocking on my door. He was saying “ Liz wake up I know it is early but it is money”. It was my first day

I couldn’t wait for summer. Then I found out that my mom and grandparents had planned a thirty-seven day trip to the western states. My excitement escaped me. After I heard the bad news, I heard the worst. I learned

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