“Plain the role and importance of the different types of Margins imposed by the NSE in Derivatives Trading” The Trading of currency futures is subject to maintaining initial, extreme loss, and calendar spread margins and the clearing corporations of the

1 Equity derivatives in India: The state of the art Susan Thomas1 and Ajay Shah Equity derivatives trading started in India in June 2000, after a regulatory process which stretched over more than four years. In July 2001, the equity

In order to figure out how variables relates to each other and the connections among the variables, or one can predict the other. I will choose three quantitative variables or two quantitative variables and one categorical variable on each pairs.

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1.A portfolio is currently worth $10 million and has a beta of 1.0. The S&P 100 is currently standing at 800. Explain how a put option on the S&P 100 with a strike price of 700 can be used to

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