Analyzes economic stability, govt. strategy, foreign exchange, derivatives & more to measure risks & opportunities for business investment. Includes charts. Introduction When considering the type of investment appropriate for entering a foreign country (joint venture, direct investment, licensing, for example),

Examines the historical development of Islamic economics, especially the prohibition on the payment of interest (riba) and the mandatory tax on assets (zakat) that aided the poor. This paper demonstrates that Islamic economics, like alternative economic systems, reflects a unique

A study of the economic dependency on slavery in the Pre-Civil War South. This paper describes that slavery was the foundation of the Southern socioeconomic society. It examines the way slave-owners referred to slaves as property, by the example of

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Problems, govt. policy, debt, foreign exchange, politics, banking & credit structure, imports/exports, compared to other Southern African nations, role of World Bank. Charts. This research provides an economic profile of Zambia. The profile is developed within the contexts of the

Effects of Mexican immigration on U.S. economy, theory, global & national factors, poverty & prejudice, impact on agriculture & labor force, Immigration Control Reform Act of 1986. In California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, a large proportion of the immigrant

Examines causes & effects of nation’s fall from economic power in 1980s, focusing on debts & International Monetary Fund. Venezuela is a country rich in natural resources, oil, natural gas, iron ore, coal bauxite, gold, water and timber wood. Of

Development since 1949, focusing on 1990s, industrialization, international trade & investment, political relations with Taiwan. China’s place in the international economy: The future is brilliant, but there are still clouds on the horizon In recent years, China has emerged as

A discussion on economic nexus and the way in which it has created scarcity. The following paper examines the affect of economic agent behavior on scarcity. It defines market fundamentalism and economic agent behavior. The writer also examines what the

A paper which explores the U.S. economy after September 11th including fiscal changes and inflation. The paper shows that since the September 11 tragedy, there have been several changes in the US economy and there is a strong pull on

Analyzes mid-1990s conditions & outlook. History since 1980, foreign relations, economic reform, foreign trade & investment, leadership, Hong Kong, ideology, education and population. THE PEOPLE?S REPUBLIC OF CHINA: A POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC ASSESSMENT [1996] Introduction This study assesses the political

Regional development, financial markets, regulation, foreign investment, banking, currency, inflation and debt. INDONESIA: THE PARADOX OF GROWTH AND CONTINUING ECONOMIC MISERY Introduction Forbes magazine, the American-based cheerleader for unregulated and unrepentant capitalism, enthused in the summer of 1995 over the

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