Analyzes the impact and history of Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. This paper examines Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences- the history, the details, and the impact, and discusses the flaws of standardized testing and how the blossoming field of brain

Reviews the history of the U.K. educational system. Focuses on contemporary structures and curricula.

Examines effectiveness of modifications in classroom & teaching to help ADHD children. Introduction There are a number of modifications and accommodations that can be made by teachers and administrators to better serve the needs of children with attention deficit hyperactive

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A personal philosophy on the ideas of supervising and evaluating trainee teachers. The paper explores the supervision process of trainee teachers within the education system and the merits of evaluation of these trainees. It compares formative and summative evaluation, pointing

An examination of the American public school system in general, focusing on the voucher system as an example of the advantages and disadvantages of this system. This paper presents a detailed exploration of the educational voucher system in Milwaukee. The

Examines relationship between role of govt. & private business in residential & infrastructure development & adequacy of educational services in community. The composition of the population of any given community is a significant factor in the determination of the mix

An examination of religious practices at schools. This paper analyzes enforcement measures of religious practices in schools and their relevance. Included us a description of important decisions about issues such as prayers and a look at how this effects students.

Theory & research on administrative supervision of teachers, including suggestions for improvements. Therefore, Instructional Supervisors have to be available in educational institutions to help in augmenting the classroom, overall. There are frequent methods accessible for instructional supervisors. First, the instructional

This paper defines and compares the theories of learning from the behaviorist perspective and the cognitive point of view. The author discusses the contribution of psychologists in theses respective fields and concludes that a more detailed theory including situational characteristics

History, service for deaf, legislation, costs, technology, entertainment & education. Closed Captioned Television There are approximately 24 million hearing impaired individuals in the United States (Elliott D16). Before July of 1993, these people did not have equal access to the

A discussion of Nicholas Lemann’s view on the SAT test This paper presents a detailed description and discussion about the SATs. The writer focuses on the expertise of Nicholas Lemann to draw comparisons and conclusions about the SAT and its

Discusses various means of improving education at the high school level from the perspective of a recent graduate. Improving High School Education Introduction There are many problems associated with high school education today. Some of the issues that are typically

Examines the features of successful teaching styles in inner city schools. TEACHING STYLES AND URBAN EDUCATION Introduction Statistics indicate that almost 30 percent of students entering high school will leave prior to graduation; urban dropout rates often range between 40

An examination of simple adjustments which can be done to a classroom to accommodate special-needs students. This paper presents a practical guide to teachers who may consider teaching special needs children in the same classroom as regular students. It further

An analysis of whether education reform in America’s urban schools have been effective or not. This paper presents a detailed examination of education reform with the focus being placed on inner city schools. The writer explores many articles in the

An examination of the phenomenon of stress and how it impacts teachers. An examination of the effects of stress in the workplace. The author looks at the causes and impacts of stress on individuals. He puts emphasis on teachers who

A brief look at the benefits to students of sticking to a study routine. The writer presents the advantages of establishing a firm study routine for students when managing the load of school work and explains that this forms excellent

This essay focuses on the current system of assessment testing in schools which the author finds is no longer a tool to help children, but is now used as an intimidation tactic that places pressure on teachers and schools. This

A discussion on the challenges of teaching bilingual education which can also be phrased as the challenge of educating students with limited English proficiency. The following paper examines the complex task of teaching grammar and syntax and instilling an appreciation

Pros & cons of teaching deaf children to speak vs. signing. Discusses schooling, role of parents, communication effectiveness and level of hearing. The argument over whether a deaf or hard of hearing child should learn to speak, learn to sign,

Problems & solutions. Examined in terms of drugs abused, incidence, at-risk students, reasons for use, abuse-prevention programs, peer pressure, health education and community approach. Includes examples. Today’s adolescents are heavily involved in the drug culture, and drug-related activity is increasingly

A look at the development of engineering education and its effect on society. In this paper the author takes an in-depth look at the history of engineering education and the ways that engineering, and engineering schools, continue to improve life.

Pros & cons. Looks at the rationale for multiculturalism and discusses related issues such as political correctness, victimization, the social impact, affirmative action and education.

An examination of the debate by educators over the best methods for teaching reading and literacy skills. Educators seek effective teaching strategies to improve literacy and general understanding, and those who educate teachers try to emphasize pedagogies that will be

Examines four skill strategies (outlining, readability of material, memory devices & learning logs) & their application in classroom. One of teachers most important functions as educators is helping students improve their ability to learn by instructing them in study skill

An examination of classroom management techniques. The author discusses the importance of creating classroom routines, plans and a safe environment for children to interact for effective classroom performance. “There are certain characteristics an educator must posses in order to establish

A paper which introduces and discusses cultural interaction for a foreign exchange student who will spend two years in Denmark. The paper is written as the personal report of a foreign exchange student who will spend two years in Denmark,

A study of theories on child development with specific reference to the UK. This paper examines the changing relationships between parents, children and the professionals involved in child development through the education system in the UK and England in particular.

A discussion on the importance of teachers learning new skills and applying these newly learned skills in the classroom. This paper looks at the ideas of whether teachers should be made to go back into learning to gain a new

Examines three books on inspirational methods & techniques, parent-student relationship, teaching skills, obstacles & challenges and flexibility. Surpassing the Status Quo: Uncovering Challenges in the Classroom In Horace’s Compromise, Theodor Sizer presents a comparative study of high schools across America

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