A study on the academic resources for gifted children. This paper examines the education system resources for gifted and talented children. The paper states that these children are often the most neglected population in the classroom, and are expected to

Examines school and non-school needs of student-athletes, standards for advising and counseling, services and holistic approach. MANAGEMENT PROBLEMS AND ISSUES IN ATHLETIC ACADEMIC ADVISING Introduction What difficulties, problems, and issues are faced by managers charged with the responsibility of administrating

A look at an educational theory known as “Invitational Theory” and its implications. This paper examines an alternative educational theory known as the “Invitational Theory”. By shifting the emphasis from the needs of government, business and the educational institutions to

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Examines relevant legislation, special needs & problems, types of disabilities, self-esteem, benefits & drawbacks of inclusion, teaching strategies and equipment. In America, people with disabilities are guaranteed civil rights to enable them to live with as much freedom and independence

An analysis of management issues in secondary education institutions. This paper discusses the claim that the management of educational institutions should be run in the same manner as business management. It describes the various problems which can and do arise

This is a research study which examines presenting and evaluation methods of technical training. An examination of the needs and challenges of the technical trainer when designing and delivering instruction through the use of technology, specifically through critical incident questioning.

Examines educational theories on socioeconomic pressures, role of peer groups, progressivism, learning styles, types of intelligence, student diversity. Two societal factors which continue to have the greatest impact on higher educational administration are: (1.) the individual differences among students and

An investigation of the effects of the inclusion process on disabled students, traditional students, and teachers. This paper addresses the controversial educational procedure of inclusion, where students with special needs are “included” into the school system in classes whose students

A paper which studies the issue of psychological assessment of schoolchildren. Psychological and psycho-educational tests are used in schools to help to identify types and bases and the extent of a student’s learning difficulty or school adjustment problem. The assessment

Critical review of work on bilingual theory, effectiveness, strategies, student communication and feedback. The text entitled Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism by Colin Baker is a comprehensive look at the theoretical basis of the field of bilingualism, but it

A discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of online education. This paper first presents the views of proponents of online education, followed by the views of opponents. Suggestions for taking advantage of the online resources without sacrificing benefits gained from

Examines economic, social and racial causes of inequities in school system and reform recommendations. Education in a democratic society holds a special place for improving social standing, educating the electorate, and providing opportunity to all. Educational level is a powerful

A study of the success of inclusion of special education students into mainstream classrooms. This paper examines the controversial debate between inclusion and mainstreaming special education students in learning institutions, government institutions and families in today’s society. It analyzes the

An analysis of the book “Experience and Education” by John Dewey. The paper argues that that education should be based on the child’s psychological and physical development, as well as the world outside the schoolroom. The book Experience and Education

Benefits & effectiveness, theory, applications, research, measurement, examples. Includes charts. COMPUTER-AIDED INSTRUCTION: IS IT EFFECTIVE? Introduction This research examines the issue of the effectiveness of the use of computer in the instructional process. Effectiveness within the context of this research

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