This paper covers aspects of the decline in education prevalent in society today. The following paper examines how the present day system of education has been reduced to the transfer of information from one database or brain to another. The

This paper examines why students do well academically in different subjects, and personality tests used to understand these differences. This paper examines personality types and their relation to academic performance. The author looks at Jung’s theory of personality, and the

A discussion on the pros and cons of looping educational system. This paper studies the practice of ?looping? in elementary education, which was introduced in America almost a century ago. It is still not very common but in the last

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An examination of the theory of individual knowledge and how it is acquired with a focus on comparing this theory to other knowledge theories. A discussion of individual knowledge gained by past experience, from actions and of knowledge in a

This paper addresses the issue of whether mentally and physically disabled children should be allowed into mainstream school systems. This paper uses autism as an example of a disability and addresses the issue of allowing children with limited physical and

An analysis of the article “A Passover Way to Teach” by R. Rothstein in which the author argues that the Jewish Haggadah offers an approach to learning that solves current learning problems. The paper examines the idea presented in “A

A look at the link between the emphasis on education and the policies of democracy. This paper is a dissertation on the necessity for education in a democratic society. It deals with the problems ignorance can cause with regard to

Benefits & effectiveness, theory, applications, research, measurement, examples. Includes charts. COMPUTER-AIDED INSTRUCTION: IS IT EFFECTIVE? Introduction This research examines the issue of the effectiveness of the use of computer in the instructional process. Effectiveness within the context of this research

Examines relationship between role of govt. & private business in residential & infrastructure development & adequacy of educational services in community. The composition of the population of any given community is a significant factor in the determination of the mix

An analysis of the social barriers facing young people with disabilities when moving from a secured education environment to work places. This paper examines the hardships and difficulties presented to young disabled people when they have to step out into

Examines tort liability of schools & teachers, federal intervention, examples, testing, discrimination, special education, teacher rights & responsibilities, tenure, reforms. This research paper summarizes the legal aspects of personnel administration in the American public school system. It focuses primarily on

This paper analyzes and examines the multitude of issues related to financial problems international students in the United States experience, focusing on the Immigration and Naturalization Service limitations. The following paper outlines the financial difficulties commonly experienced by international students

A paper which discusses the GATE program which was developed to teach gifted children in California. The paper defines the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program as one which provides challenging curriculum and instruction to gifted and talented students, who

A discussion on the role of American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters. This paper presents a detailed examination of the role of American Sign Language Interpreters. The writer provides the basics of what the job entails and how it is done.

This paper explores the history of the educational system in general, discussing the improvements in the buildings, teaching system and curricula. This paper attempts to show that the world is changing at too fast a pace and that in order

A study of the teacher’s role in encouraging and ensuring student’s acquisition of competent reading and writing skills. This paper is aimed at educators of middle and high schools. The paper discusses the importance of effectively combining reading and writing

A paper which proposes certain administrative changes in educational management. This paper shows that in the education sector, service standardization has become an issue of concern for many administrators. Schools and college institutions for instance depend on administrators to set

Definition of multicultural educational strategies, methods, theories, projects and successes. Cooperative Learning is a technique that is most appropriate for a lesson involving the practice and reinforcement of a specific mathematics skill. Cooperative Learning The National Council of Teachers of

Critical review of work on problems of school system & workplace & suggested reforms. Arthur Wirth’s Education and Work for the Year 2000 provides an excellent critique of the centralized, bureaucratic foundation of school and the workplace in American society.

An examination of the phenomenon of stress and how it impacts teachers. An examination of the effects of stress in the workplace. The author looks at the causes and impacts of stress on individuals. He puts emphasis on teachers who

An examination of religious practices at schools. This paper analyzes enforcement measures of religious practices in schools and their relevance. Included us a description of important decisions about issues such as prayers and a look at how this effects students.

Theory & research on administrative supervision of teachers, including suggestions for improvements. Therefore, Instructional Supervisors have to be available in educational institutions to help in augmenting the classroom, overall. There are frequent methods accessible for instructional supervisors. First, the instructional

This paper defines and compares the theories of learning from the behaviorist perspective and the cognitive point of view. The author discusses the contribution of psychologists in theses respective fields and concludes that a more detailed theory including situational characteristics

A look at the advantages and disadvantages of the immersion approach to teaching English as a second language. This paper first introduces this method of teaching English to minority groups in the United States. It then looks at debates among

Examines the advantages and disadvantages of First Nations education in Canada. This paper discusses the issue whether First Nations should have total control over their education in Saskatchewan and Canada. The author examines the advantages and disadvantages of having First

An acceptance speech by a new principal in a school detailing his goals for the year. This paper takes the form of a speech by a principal who accepts the new position bestowed upon him and lists what his aims

Compares site-based (principal and teachers) and top-down (principal only) models, impact on teachers’ attitudes and behavior, leadership, conflict, objectives and effectiveness. Purpose of the Study The purpose of this paper is to compare two models of school decision-making: (1) the

An analysis of the future of vocational education in America. This paper discusses the pros and cons of vocational education training in the U.S. and how it can be seriously jeopardized by state and local cut-backs. “Vocational education is most

Origins & passage in 1940s, educational provisions, impact on veterans & college system, benefits to society and the need for revising in 1990s. The G.I. Bill of Rights transformed socio-economic conditions in America by democratizing U.S. higher education. Prior to

Training for, goals, effects & effectiveness of this approach to managing student conflict in elementary, junior high & high schools. EFFECTS AND EFFICACY OF PEER MEDIATION Heller (1996) has noted that well-disciplined schools make appropriate school discipline a part of

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