An examination of classroom management techniques. The author discusses the importance of creating classroom routines, plans and a safe environment for children to interact for effective classroom performance. “There are certain characteristics an educator must posses in order to establish

A brief look at the benefits to students of sticking to a study routine. The writer presents the advantages of establishing a firm study routine for students when managing the load of school work and explains that this forms excellent

This essay focuses on the current system of assessment testing in schools which the author finds is no longer a tool to help children, but is now used as an intimidation tactic that places pressure on teachers and schools. This

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A discussion on the challenges of teaching bilingual education which can also be phrased as the challenge of educating students with limited English proficiency. The following paper examines the complex task of teaching grammar and syntax and instilling an appreciation

History, service for deaf, legislation, costs, technology, entertainment & education. Closed Captioned Television There are approximately 24 million hearing impaired individuals in the United States (Elliott D16). Before July of 1993, these people did not have equal access to the

An evaluation of this theory against the backdrop of Piaget’s cognitive model. Piaget’s theory of conservation in children is tested to determine its validity. Piaget’s cognitive model is explained in terms of its two fundamental concepts, namely, assimilation and association.

Discusses the spread and decline of various languages. This paper discusses the pros and cons of bilingualism focusing on the homogenizing of the world’s languages and the struggle to keep some languages and cultures alive. It mentions the effects of

An examination of the expectations of a person entering a career in psychology. This paper looks at what a student embarking on path of psychology studies, should expect from a curriculum. It also examines what personal traits are needed by

This paper discusses various tools of effective classroom management. A discussion of effective managing and controlling of the classroom environment. Without effective classroom management, the quality of teaching cannot be ensured. This is the reason for which experts give considerable

An examination of many philosophers’ opinions on the importance of powerful leaders as educators. The following paper is a literature review which is organized as simply as possible along an organized framework. First is a brief introduction to the present

The paper studies the disparity between the education of males and females in Papua, New Guinea. The paper begins with a synopsis of the state of general education in the country, and then turns to the social beliefs and the

This is a research study which examines presenting and evaluation methods of technical training. An examination of the needs and challenges of the technical trainer when designing and delivering instruction through the use of technology, specifically through critical incident questioning.

A paper which introduces and discusses cultural interaction for a foreign exchange student who will spend two years in Denmark. The paper is written as the personal report of a foreign exchange student who will spend two years in Denmark,

A study of theories on child development with specific reference to the UK. This paper examines the changing relationships between parents, children and the professionals involved in child development through the education system in the UK and England in particular.

A discussion on the importance of teachers learning new skills and applying these newly learned skills in the classroom. This paper looks at the ideas of whether teachers should be made to go back into learning to gain a new

Analyzes changes in schooling after fall of Soviet Union, curriculum, reforms, ideology, aims & theories, administration, teaching methods, structure, special education, compared to U.S. TRANSITION FROM SOVIET TO RUSSIAN EDUCATION Introduction This research examines the transitions in education from the

An investigation into the practice of affirmative action in U.S. higher education institutions. The paper begins with a definition and history of affirmative action in the U.S. The controversy surrounding this practice is then explored. Statistics are cited and the

A paper which discusses how memory, focus, tests, and study can contribute to making a better student. The paper shows how by concentrating on correct learning techniques, the student can succeed in his studies. The paper analyzes different steps and

A discussion of reading comprehension and the differences in comprehension of fiction versus non-fiction reading. The paper starts with a general discussion of reading comprehension and its importance for academic success. Factors involved in reading comprehension, such as phonological memory

A comparison of the well known psychological theories on learning. This paper compares the renowned psychologists B.F. Skinner, George Miller, Jean Piaget, and Albert Bandura theories on learning. The paper describes the theory of behavioral reinforcement and the use of

The following paper discusses the progress in American education and class mobility. This paper discusses the increase in access to education and the perception that one must get a “good” job to be a success. The writer contends that as

A study of this article on education, looking at Fried’s plea for passion in teaching and his definition of and requirements for a teacher. This paper reviews Robert Fried’s article “The Heart of the Matter”. It looks at his plea

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