A study of Woolf’s stream-of-consciousness, style and a comparison of the two main characters in Mrs. Dalloway. In this paper, via examination of Virginia Woolf?s, ?Mrs. Dalloway?, the author looks at societal pressures on people. The author compares the lives

An analysis of the book and a detailed look at its composition. This paper examines the novel Hunters in the Snow by Tobias Wolff. The author looks at the main themes in the novel and examines the characters and the

A summary of the book “Destiny Betrayed: J.F.K, Cuba, and the Garrison Case” by James DiEugenio. The paper summarizes the book “Destiny Betrayed: J.F.K, Cuba, and the Garrison Case” by James DiEugenio, an examination of a New Orleans District Attorney’s

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A look at the unconscious addition of religious and erotic elements in the novel “Dracula”. This paper examines how Bram Stoker portrays erotic elements and religious undertones in his novel “Dracula”. The author provides a brief analysis of the novel

The road to humility that is taken by the King and lessons learned along the way. This paper looks at the way King Lear only attains humility when he has lost everything. It starts by describing his pompous manner, followed

This paper analyzes the characters and their actions in relation to Addie Bundren’s death in the novel As I Lay Dying. This paper takes a look at the different family members, their individual relationships, and how a death in the

A critical review of the short story “The First Seven Years,” by Bernard Malamud. The purpose of this paper is to introduce and discuss the short story “The First Seven Years” by Bernard Malamud. Specifically, it looks at the character

This paper analyzes Donald Queller’s `The Fourth Crusade` as a viable historical source. This paper compares Donald Queller’s The Fourth Crusade to other contemporary books regarding the Fourth Crusade and contrasts between them. In The Fourth Crusade, Donald E. Queller

An examination of the concept of ghosts in Maxine Hong Kingston’s novel `The Woman’s Warrior. Chinese-American authors have played a very influential role in highlighting the atrocities of their native culture and in illustrating the problems that immigrants encounter when

An analysis of the theme of pride in the play “Medea”. In this paper, the issue of pride in the play “Medea” is discussed. This theory of pride is the reason Medea kills her children is then applied to the

This fictional paper is written in the satirical style of Jonathan Swift. This paper is written in the satirical style of Jonathan Swift. The author jokingly proposes remedies for fighting or responding to juvenile crime. This paper is fictional. “There

A paper which discuses the role of author Kurt Vonnegut in modern literature. The paper discusses the general role of Kurt Vonnegut in modern literature and includes a discussion of his interviews with newspapers through which he expresses his own

A discussion on the attitudes of three famous writers to organized religion. The paper shows that despite their disparate backgrounds, styles, and genres, what bonds writers Nathaniel Hawthorne, Earnest Hemingway and Dylan Thomas is their mutually irreverent attitude towards organized

A paper discussing images of women in southern literature. An essay which discusses images of women in modern and contemporary southern literature. The author of the paper uses several stories as examples, including “Fried Green Tomatoes” by Fanny Flag, Eudora

An analysis of the effectiveness of using Sam as the narrator of Bobbie Ann Mason’s book In Country. This paper is a review of Bobbie Ann Mason’s “In Country” , a novel that deals with the Vietnam War on a

Positive & negative portrayals of lawyers’ ethical images in fiction & non-fiction, from servant of society to amoral anti-hero. This research paper outlines and discusses the ethical images of lawyers, as they are portrayed in fiction and in non-fiction, including

An analysis and review of Alan Ehrenhalt’s The Lost City: The Forgotten Virtues of Community in America. The author of this paper analyzed Alan Ehrenhalt’s “The Lost City: The Forgotten Virtues of community in America” and shows how Ehrenhalt challenges

A review of the novel, “The Awakening” by Kate Chopin, with a focus on men and the quality of life. This book examines the characters in the story “The Awakening.” The author details the relationships between the male and female

An analysis of the book “Old Friends” by Tracy Kidder which examines the way old age is viewed in America. In our youth conscious society it is common to reject the wisdom of the old and to value instead only

Examines themes of revolution, freedom, human frailty in 19th Cent. novel & non-fiction work. “Germinal” ( Emile Zola ) & “Culture & Anarchy” (Matthew Arnold ) The famed twentieth century French writer, Andr Gide, ranks mile Zola’s Germinal (1895) as

A comparison of the two movies, You’ve Got Mail and Shop Around the Corner, which are the original and remake of the same cinematic plot. This paper conducts a semiotic analysis of the two movies, You’ve Got Mail and Shop

Explores Esther Greenwood’s madness as a female malady and the gender constructs that cause it in Plath’s novel Bell Jar. This paper explores the character of Esther Greenwood in Sylvia Plath’s `Bell Jar.` The paper focuses on Esther as a

This paper contrasts and compares the character of Willy Loman in Arthur Miller’s play, Death of a Salesman, and Aristotle’s definition of a tragic hero in “Poetics.” This paper focuses on the character of Wily Loman and finds out how

This descriptive essay tells the story of one woman’s experience during the Salem Witch Trials in 1692. Using an imaginary story as an example, this paper illustrates the experience of going through a witch trial in the 1600s. It traces

An essay comparing the theme of ‘crossroads’ in “Hills Like White Elephants” by Ernest Hemingway and “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant. The paper discusses Ernest Hemingway’s Hills Like White Elephants and the young woman Jig who stands, together with

This paper discusses the theme of choosing between one’s duty and one’s heart with special emphasis on Melville’s character, Captain Vere. This paper provides a brief summary of Herman Melville’s classic novel, “Billy Budd”. The author discusses one of the

A comparative analysis paper about “Lolita” and “Kiss of the Spider Woman”. In both “Kiss of the Spider Woman” and “Lolita”, unconventional parental relationships lead to abnormalities in the behaviors of Molina and Lolita, respectively. This paper compares Nabokov’s Lolita

An analysis of the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. This paper explores the novel against the backdrop of the twenty-first century. It looks at the changes in society and in literature that have taken place since Steinbeck

Critical review of work on life, political rise, tactics, leadership & popularity of Palestinian leader. Alan Hart, in Arafat: Terrorist or Peacemaker?, presents a well-balanced portrait of the Arab leader Yasser Arafat, demonstrating convincingly that he was indeed once a

A look at the themes in the book “Atlas Shrugged,” by Ayn Rand. This paper examines the book “Atlas Shrugged”, by Ayn Rand, which depicts the interplay of two forces– regulated economic freedom and free-market system. The philosophy and the

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