External environmental factors include sociocultural, Legal, Economic, Political, and Technology. The micro environment on the other hand comprises the industry and market. SOCIOCULTURAL FACTORS. Religion, education, ethnicity, education and language, age group, family, cross cultural differences. In 1978, the Chinese

A look at some of the considerations and difficulties for effective storm water management. This report contains the considerations to be taken when planning, designing, and implementing storm water management projects. The paper details the human, physical, and managerial concerns.

A study of the San Diego-Tijuana water epidemic. This environmental paper examines the San Diego-Tijuana water epidemic. The author presents the history and current factors involved in the problem: contamination and drought. It highlights the political issues involved in environmental

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Examines the aspects surrounding the nuclear waste problem. Discusses the dimensions of the problem, waste disposal issues and potential solutions. Dealing with Radioactive Waste Introduction The problem of disposing of radioactive waste has existed for over 50 years now and

A paper examining the complex issue of whaling with a focus on Japan. This paper examines the complex issue of whaling. In this paper the author explores the history of whaling while also incorporating the public opinion and issues being

History & evolution, purpose, provisions, amendments, effectiveness, four major court cases & outcomes. The Endangered Species Act is an attempt by Congress to create and implement a comprehensive program aimed at addressing the concern of the extinction of plant and

A paper contrasting and comparing Aldo Leopold’s ‘Sand County Almanac’ and Henry David Thoreau’s ‘Walden’. The following paper discusses the differences and similarities in the views of nature preservationists Aldo Leopold and Henry David Thoreau as presented in their works

A study on the American 1965 motor vehicle air pollution control act that created emission control regulations. This paper examines the necessity and results of the Motor Vehicle Air Pollution Control Act of 1965. It looks at the affluent American

An examination of this North American health phenomena and its connection to mold. This paper presents an in-depth discussion about mold and its potential health hazards. This problem came to light following the discovery of the phenomena of “Sick Building

The political and environmental issues of New York’s waste. This paper looks at the problems faced by New York once the huge Fresh Kills’ landfill site is closed. Private contractors will take the garbage out of the state by river

This paper discusses the rise of environmental awareness groups and their role today. An argumentative paper which discusses how the future of the environment cannot be left in the hands of the corporations, but how individuals need to take a

An examination of human impact on the Earth’s climate. The growing population of humans on Earth has led to some undesirable outcomes, namely a population of industrial producers. This paper looks at some of the scientific data that supports the

Assesses toxic cleanup law, provisions, fairness, costs, effects, proposals to reform program. This research examines the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), with a view toward assessing current proposals before the Congress to either reauthorize, restructure or terminate

Analyzes 1990s environmental pollution & suggests solutions to prevent disaster, focusing on 2025 as target date. Recycling, sustainability, natural economy, limited resources, role of govt. As the twentieth century ends, scientists and politicians finally have begun to acknowledge the severity

A look at how environmental policy is implemented in national parks. This paper studies the process of policy making within the national park program. Yosemite National Park is used as an example to illustrate environmental policy. It looks at how

A discussion on the effect of acid rain on forests and the way in which the deposition of acid rain and particles make plants and trees more susceptible to disease. The following paper examines why environmental scientists are concerned that

A look at the link between weather, seasons and animal behavior. This paper is mostly about seasonal weather effects on humans. It discusses the correlation between long dark winters and suicide rates, seasonal affective disorder, the lowering of immunity from

Compares features, causes & effects, locales, direction, prediction of, size, related to hurricanes & thunderstorms. The purpose of this paper is to describe, contrast, and compare the tropical cyclone, which can develop into a hurricane, and the tornado. Although the

Theories of modernization & its destructive impact on the natural environment. Technology, economics, sustainable development, pollution, resource allocation. Scrutiny of the ideology underlying modernization helps to account for the nearly intolerable high level of environmental degradation, which accompanied it. In

This paper discusses animal rights causes. The author examines issues of animal equality and speciesism, and refutes arguments made by anti-animal rights groups. “Getting animals to have basic rights is still a long ways away, but every little bit counts.

This paper provides a looks at at how air pollution is causing global warming by destroying the ozone. This paper presents the causes and effects of air pollution. Other stratospheric research is concerned with the downward trends in global ozone

Reviews current information regarding the ozone layer of the Earth’s upper atmosphere and the damage being done to the layer related to natural and human activities. Engineering solutions designed to eliminate further depletion are presented. The Production and Control of

The causes and effects of Hurricane Andrew. This paper explains how a hurricane forms, looks at the special and unlikely circumstances which led to the devastating effects of Hurricane Andrew, and describes the damage caused in various states and why

Pros & cons on planetary dangers of warming, focusing on the need for balancing environmental & economic needs. There are two arguments over the issue of global warming. One says there may be only mild, if any, increases in global

Describes & compares laws, principles & cases in U.S., Canada & Australia, focusing on responsibility for contaminated sites. Ownership, cleanup costs, shareholders, court decisions. This paper will examine how the issues of lender liability for environmental harms are handled in

An introduction to global warming and the U.S. government’s proposed solutions. This paper addresses the issue of global warming. A definition of the term is provided and the causes and effects are outlined. The U.S. government’s proposed solutions for addressing

A discussion of policies for the use of alternate energy sources. An examination of the possible effects of moving from conventional energy sources to alternative or renewable energy sources. The author argues that this transformation could lead to economic destruction.

Discusses the view that the 1992 L.A. riot was composed of two inter-related but significantly different riots. The first was sparked by rage in South Central, the second, more expensive one, occurred in the Latino Mid-City. INTRODUCTION In April 1992

A brief discussion of how UV rays affect the skin and may cause cancer. This paper explains the dangers of sun rays and how these are a cause of skin cancer. It looks at preventative measures and precautions needed to

Examines 1986 accident, fallout & casualties, evacuation, role of govt., focusing on medical effects (cancers) among children & prognosis. MEDICAL EFFECTS ON CHILDREN STEMMING FROM THE CHERNOBYL NUCLEAR INCIDENT Introduction This research examines the medical effect on children that have

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