A look at the “Age of the Empire” and its lasting effect on those countries who were subject to this foreign rule. In this paper the author takes an in-depth look at British Colonialism and its rise and fall. The

A discussion of the standard curriculum in American schools which does not address the needs of nor reflect the diversity of the vast majority of students. This paper begins by describing to what extent America is a multicultural society and

The writer takes the reader on an exploratory journey through the Kurdish history, as well as an examination of current situations. A detailed analysis of the Kurdish question following the Gulf War. The writer takes the reader on an exploratory

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This paper discusses the Holocaust as unimaginable horrors of this era. This paper reviews the history leading up to the Holocaust and the Holocaust itself. The author feels that the Holocaust is not just a tragedy for the Jews, but

This paper explores how the Bible and the Quran contribute to the ideology of the Bahai faith. This paper explores Qur’anic and Biblical contributions to Baha’i independently, and then investigates the interplay between the two to gain understanding as to

A comparison of the argument of Bernard Lewis and Edward Said on the issue of the Middle East’s perception of the west and vice versa. This paper discusses the works of two prominent historians, Bernard Lewis and Edward Said and

A discussion regarding the legal rights of Black Americans from the time they were brought to America as slaves. Specific reference is given to the various laws that were passed during the 19th Century. In this paper the author discusses

This paper is a personal account of the illegal migration traffic between Morocco and Spain. This paper describes the different aspects of illegal migration from Morocco to Europe. From the paper, the reader gets an idea about illegally crossing the

This paper examines the evolution of the Palestinian Liberation Front (PLO). This research paper evaluates the evolution of the PLO and how it has cultivated political change in the Middle East. Subtitles includes: the how and why of the PLO,

This paper examines the causes of poverty among single mothers. This paper examines the enduring causes of poverty among single mothers in the United States. It discusses many of the social factors; including social stigma, paid work and parental time

A paper which discusses how America’s attitude towards Middle Easterners has worsened since September 11. The paper shows that since September 11, Americans have developed a deeper racist attitude towards anyone who looks Middle Eastern, with more than 1200 people

This review analyzes the creation of a British identity through Linda Colley’s `Britons.` This paper points to effects that the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars had in shaping British national identity. It also shows the effect French culture had in

This paper outlines the extent of bureaucratic complicity in the Holocaust, and attempts to explain why German civil servants, instead of obstructing the extermination process, only exerted themselves to ensure its success. The following paper examines the extent of bureaucratic

The paper explains the benefits and downsides of animal testing. It goes through the history and ties in ethics. This paper discusses the ongoing debate in society regarding animal testing. The author examines the guidelines for experimentation on animals, modern

The realities behind government statistics for Welfare Reform. This paper looks at the realities behind the remarkable success story of the U.S. Welfare Reforms. The statistics show huge gains in employment and standard of living, but this paper shows that

An examination of this historic conflict between central African nations. This paper discusses the conflict between the Congo, Uganda and Rwanda and their tribes called the Hutus and the Tutsis. It provides a history of the current problem and examines

The economic and social segregation of blacks from the era of slavery through the present day. This paper presents a review of racism from the time of slavery through the present. Overt racism, institutionalized racism, and legal racism are discussed

Film review of the Spanish film, La Ciudad (The City). This is a short, yet in-depth account of the John Rieker film, La Ciudad. The author takes you through the film as if you yourself were watching it. The author

This paper is on the culture of Hawaii, focusing on Hawaiian art and culture. The author primarily focuses on the rich cultural history, Hawaiian dance, the Hula, and includes general traditions in Hawaiian art. There is a lengthy examination of

A study of Orientalism from the nineteenth century to today. This paper examines the study of Orientalism and defines it by looking through the viewpoint of the west and the west?s relationship with the east. It looks at the emergence

An analysis of the Code of Conduct set up in 1986 to measure international business behavior. In recognition of the important role that multinational business plays in global peace and prosperity, the Caux Round Table Principles for Business was established

A discussion of white women’s involvement in the movement against slavery. The paper begins with a description of the abolitionist movement. The role of white women in the movement is then discussed, including motivations for involvement, such as empathy with

A comparison of self-destructive revelation in Wright’s Native Son and Kelley’s “A Different Drummer.” This paper chronicles the journeys of self-discovery taken by the title books’ protagonists and their different approaches to them. Touched-on, is whether the illumination gained is

A summary of Judaism, Islam and Christianity, their connection with the Holy Land and the way they tie in with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The paper introduces the 3 major religions – Judaism, Islam and Christianity. It shows their historical ties

An in-depth look at the lives of the children in Mott Haven, in the South Bronx as seen by Jonathon Kozol. In this paper the author begins by making a direct comparison to the American Hymn, Amazing Grace, and Jonathan

A look at India’s development from as early as the 3rd millennium and how other nations and civilizations often imposed their rule on India. The primary focus of the paper is on how British rule in India continues to effect

A discussion of health issues encountered by the Amish people. This paper discusses the health problems commonly encountered by the Amish population and suggests reasons why these problems prevail in their community, including lack of knowledge of treatment options, or

A comprehensive overview of the history of Muslims in India and Afghanistan. A paper which explores the history of Muslims in India and Afghanistan from ancient times and until today. It shows Muslim influence on all sectors of society, including

A discussion of issues surrounding transracial foster care and adoption. This paper presents a discussion of issues related to transracial foster care and adoption.The issues outlined here include those of identity and role-modeling, and the ability of parents to understand

An examination of the changing trading routes starting with the Roman Empire and how they led to the rise of Islam. In this paper the author examines the trading routes of the Roman Empire and how changes in them led

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