An essay on the progression of morality as an instantaneous rather than gradual process.This is an essay about the progression of morality. The author argues that morality progresses in human beings in one drastic, breathtaking moment, rather than gradually. This

An evaluation of a recent paper published in the journal “Women’s Studies International Forum, published by Regina Scheyvens and Helen Leslie entitled Gender, Ethics and Empowerment: Dilemmas of Development Fieldwork. This essay is an evaluation of a recent paper published

The paper explains the benefits and downsides of animal testing. It goes through the history and ties in ethics. This paper discusses the ongoing debate in society regarding animal testing. The author examines the guidelines for experimentation on animals, modern

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This essay compares the main characters of these two books. This paper discusses the two books Pedro Paramo by Juan Rulfo, and Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, how both main characters, the narrator and Juan, search

A personal essay on the experiences with race, gender, religion, and social class growing up as a white female in the South. This paper is one woman’s personal account of her experiences with race, religion and the social class structure

This paper discusses Stephen Oats’ book `Fires of Jubilee: Nat Turner’s Fierce Rebellion. This paper takes a look at a slave uprising as documented in Stephen Oat’s book Fires of Jubilee: Nat Turner’s Fierce Rebellion. It analyzes the main character

A discussion of white women’s involvement in the movement against slavery. The paper begins with a description of the abolitionist movement. The role of white women in the movement is then discussed, including motivations for involvement, such as empathy with

A paper which introduces and discusses the short story “Hollywood” by Dagoberto Gilb. A paper which discusses the themes and characters of the short story “Hollywood!”, written in 1993 by Dagoberta Gilb, a Hispanic-American writer. The paper examines the underlying

Applies an analysis of overlapping cleavages in the Nigerian political culture toward supporting a new political movement – humorously entitled “the Crusaders Party.” This paper responds to the prompt, “Design a proposal, for a person of substantial wealth, desiring to

An argumentative paper on the ethics and benefits of human cloning. This paper discusses the history, background and the complicated ethics regarding human cloning. The author looks at the science of cloning, pros and cons of cloning and argues that

Discusses the nature of community in America as examined by various essayists in THE BEDFORD READER. Argues that community is not & has never been an important factor in US society. The community is seen as an endangered institution and

A summary and interpretation of the 2001 story, based mainly upon the movie. Ethical issues are addressed and related to a Christian viewpoint. In this paper the plot of the movie directed by Stanley Kubrick and the book written by

The paper discusses in detail the current problems of ethics in big business and the dilemma ethical behavior can create for the company. This paper discusses the current problems of business ethics in the framework that corporations have long struggled

A discussion of health issues encountered by the Amish people. This paper discusses the health problems commonly encountered by the Amish population and suggests reasons why these problems prevail in their community, including lack of knowledge of treatment options, or

Examines moral & social responsibilities of multinational firms in areas of labor, politics, law. In 1986, General Motors ended a 60-year tradition of South African auto manufacture. The corporation sold its Port Elizabeth plant to a local company. GM promised

Examines ethical theories & principles related to patient’s Do Not Resuscitate order & operating room nurse’s duties. This research explores the issues faced by the operating room nurse in relation to the do not resuscitate (DNR) order. These issues are

This paper is on the culture of Hawaii, focusing on Hawaiian art and culture. The author primarily focuses on the rich cultural history, Hawaiian dance, the Hula, and includes general traditions in Hawaiian art. There is a lengthy examination of

This paper shows why Elvis Presley rose to fame so quickly. It examines the social, race, political and youth issues of the time and explains how each one of these factors had a major influence on his success as a

This paper discusses the history of abolition in Britai. This paper explores the movement towards abolition in Britain prior to the U.S. civil war. It compares the movement to that in the U.S. and the specific factors that brought upon

This paper is an essay discussing the ethical issues, challenges, and behaviors within the telecommunications industry in the United States and Asia. This paper states that business ethics is a major topic especially in the telecommunications industry. This paper is

Examines concepts of moral habit & responsibility, virtue, choice, happiness, ethical action and in sociopolitical context. The purpose of this research is to examine Aristotle’s account of moral habituation and responsibility as articulated in the Nicomachean Ethics. The plan of

Compares the explorer’s account of his time in North and South America with the modern Hispanic experience. This paper compares Cabeza de Vaca’s exploits as an explorer to modern day Hispanics’ search for a new world. The author includes comparisons

Examines causes & effects of political & military struggles in Bosnia, Pakistan, Kosovo (a province in Serbia). According to one observer, animosity among ethnic groups in the global context is beginning to rival the spread of nuclear weapons as the

Morality of advertising in legal industry, software industry & Wal-Mart department store. The International Nestle Boycott Committee headed the international boycott campaign in 2009. The secretariat of the committee was the Baby Milk Action group located in UK. IBFAN comprised

This paper explores how the Bible and the Quran contribute to the ideology of the Bahai faith. This paper explores Qur’anic and Biblical contributions to Baha’i independently, and then investigates the interplay between the two to gain understanding as to

This extensive paper discusses solidarity and division in the ethnically diverse states of Switzerland, Nigeria, Malaysia, and the Former Yugoslavia. This very extensive paper studies the political makeups of Switzerland, Nigeria, Malaysia, and the Former Yugoslavia. These are all countries

This paper promotes an open-door immigration policy in the United States today. It examines Hispanic and European workers, legal and illegal. This paper promotes the idea of a free immigration policy in the United States. It discusses the contributions that

Focuses on how various characters in Bai Hua’s Remote Country of Women influenced Liang Rui, the main character. This paper focuses on Liang Rui’s relationships, and how he changed due to them. The people focused on are Gui Renzhong, Yunqian,

The writer takes the reader on an exploratory journey through the Kurdish history, as well as an examination of current situations. A detailed analysis of the Kurdish question following the Gulf War. The writer takes the reader on an exploratory

A study of the ethical and potentially profitable issues surrounding mammalian cloning. The paper discusses the two topics of debate which have sprung up since mammalian cloning made headlines – whether cloning is ethically correct, and whether it can become

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