A summary of Judaism, Islam and Christianity, their connection with the Holy Land and the way they tie in with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The paper introduces the 3 major religions – Judaism, Islam and Christianity. It shows their historical ties

This paper examines the causes of poverty among single mothers. This paper examines the enduring causes of poverty among single mothers in the United States. It discusses many of the social factors; including social stigma, paid work and parental time

This paper looks at the issue of gender identity in two novels. Louise Erdrich, in her book Love Medicine, and John Neihardt, in his biographical novel Black Elk Speaks, both address the importance of gender in the daily lives of

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This paper attempts to define “Anti-Semitism”. This paper details the history of the phrase “Anti-Semitism” what it means and what it refers to. It outlines the persecution and demonization of Jews throughout history and the justification of declaring an act

The link between psychological and philosophical theories of ethics and justice, and their respective roles to organizational effectiveness and employee well-being. This paper examines the ethics and ideals of justice that predict organizational success and employee well-being. The author examines

This paper is a personal account of the illegal migration traffic between Morocco and Spain. This paper describes the different aspects of illegal migration from Morocco to Europe. From the paper, the reader gets an idea about illegally crossing the

History & evolution (1922-1996) of religious, social, political & legal conflicts over abortion rights. (See more) This research paper summarizes and analyzes the religious, social, political and legal conflict in Ireland over abortion rights. In the Irish Republic, some progress

A discussion of issues surrounding transracial foster care and adoption. This paper presents a discussion of issues related to transracial foster care and adoption.The issues outlined here include those of identity and role-modeling, and the ability of parents to understand

The realities behind government statistics for Welfare Reform. This paper looks at the realities behind the remarkable success story of the U.S. Welfare Reforms. The statistics show huge gains in employment and standard of living, but this paper shows that

This is a book-by-book breakdown of the important topics presented by Aristotle of good and the pursuit of happiness in his book Nicomachean Ethics. This is a summary of Aristotle?s Nicomachean Ethics that emphasizes Aristotle’s big influence in the world

A study on the influence of fundamentalism on Middle Eastern politics. This paper examines the Islamic fundamentalist movement’s effect on Middle Eastern politics. The paper describes the cultural history of the region in relation to Europe and Asia. It takes

A paper which discusses the environmental ethics practiced by Christians. By using examples and sources from the Bible, the author of this paper shows God’s intentions for his followers on issues relating to the environment. The paper shows that Christian

An historical synopsis of the geographical region concerned, tracing the conflict from its origins to the present. An historical synopsis of the geographical region concerned, tracing the conflict from its origins to the present. It looks at the development of

A look at the political and governmental issues in Algeria. This paper discusses the political situation and governmental structure of Algeria, a country that was a French colony before 1962. The country is still struggling to develop a stable form

Examines the Richard Jewell case and concludes that the news media has lost whatever ethical and professional codes that it once had. Ethics in the Media Introduction The media is constantly criticized. There are those who contend that there is

A look at the “Age of the Empire” and its lasting effect on those countries who were subject to this foreign rule. In this paper the author takes an in-depth look at British Colonialism and its rise and fall. The

A study of this conflict in the Middle East. This paper discusses the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and the role that the U.S. plays in influencing this conflict. It searches for the roots of the conflict between these two groups. It also

Analyzes author’s ideas on radical difference between moral certainty & scientific knowledge. The purpose of this research is to examine Bernard Williams’s statement that there would be a radical difference between ethics and science even if ethics were objective in

This paper discusses the continuing practice of female genital mutilation(FGM) in many third world countries. The writer gives a brief history of female genital mutilation (FGM) including the different types, the reasons behind this occurrence and why it continues today.

A paper which discusses the legitimacy of using the data collected from medical experiments done in Nazi concentration camps The paper explores the arguments of five scholars – Robert L. Berger, Benjamin Freedman, Velvl W. Greene, J. Katz and Robert

A study of Orientalism from the nineteenth century to today. This paper examines the study of Orientalism and defines it by looking through the viewpoint of the west and the west?s relationship with the east. It looks at the emergence

A comparison of the argument of Bernard Lewis and Edward Said on the issue of the Middle East’s perception of the west and vice versa. This paper discusses the works of two prominent historians, Bernard Lewis and Edward Said and

A study of the issues surrounding the Palestinian refugees. This paper examines the future of the Palestinian refugees. It looks at Middle Eastern political issues surrounding the future of these people and the right of return and the founding of

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