Shakespeare’s version of the story of Macbeth is outdated in modern society because one of the major themes, that all evil deeds are punished and that all good deeds are rewarded, is no longer true in today’s society. Macbeth’s theme is

ViolenceIt is a bit unfortunate that we as a country are facing hostilities from our neighbouring countries since independence. Pakistan since its creation has always harboured terrorist elements against India with an intention to destabilize our country. China the Big

How is The Grapes of Wrath a novel about the struggle between good and evil? The Grapes of Wrath is a novel about the Dust Bowl migration in the harsh times of the Great Depression. It is the story of one Oklahoma

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Some people may argue that there is more good in the world. These people are incorrect because everyone does have evil in them and are very well capable of doing bad things. Although not everyone expresses their anger at the

Good versus evil. Light versus dark. A constant struggle in a Shakespearean world and “King Lear” is no different. “King Lear” is a tragedy where much wrong happens to good people. It’s a play where the good characters suffer and

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