Themes, characters, style of blacklisted director of [Time Without Pity], [The Servant]. Time Without Pity (1957) is an example of Joseph Losey’s work as a director from the transition period between his American films and his later, more European work.

This paper compares evidence of the actual events of the battle for The Alamo and the 1960 John Wayne film, “The Alamo.” This essay looks at the 1960’s John Wayne film The Alamo and compares it to the actual events

This paper discusses the differences between William Shakespeare’s works on screen or in print. The following paper attempts to show that people enjoy Shakespeare for a variety of reasons. It shows how some people are used to enjoying the amount

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An analysis of the use of sound and music in the film “Apocalypse Now” by Francis Ford Coppola. The paper describes how the film shows the insanity of war and the madness that goes along with it. The author shows

Compares 1987 & 1992 films’ portrayals of traditional social gender roles, family values & the threat of sexual deviance. Films make a number of assumptions about gender based on audience beliefs and expectations, and these are derived from the social

Subjects, style, characters in [Le Plaisir] & other films by French director. Max Ophuls was a filmmaker who achieved renown in his native Germany, adapted to the different film industry in America and produced a number of important works, and

A response to the documentary “Tough Guise” by J. Katz on hegemonic masculinity. The paper reviews the documentary, “Tough Guise” by J. Katz on the crisis of America’s notion of masculinity. The paper discusses Katz’s point that television and movie

Examines some of the innovative marketing techniques that helped make a hit out of a film that many thought to be a difficult sell. The movie Braveheart is an interesting study in film marketing techniques. The film seemed to lack

This paper discusses the film “Dances with the Wolves” This paper discusses the film “Dances With Wolves” in relation to man’s inhumanity to man, culture, our attitudes towards other cultures, and the media’s portrayal of other cultures through the medium

Examines plots, styles, social messages, characters, values of 1971 & 1972 films. The Godfather was the highest-grossing film of 1972, while Dirty Harry was a major success the year before. Both films can be defined loosely as being in the

An analysis of the film “Los Olvidados” which examines the lives of Mexico’s street children. The paper examines the effect of government programs, family situations, and poverty on the lives of Mexico’s Street Children as portrayed by the film “Los

A look at the career and work of film director Oliver Stone. This paper presents an autobiography of the famous film director, Oliver Stone. The author discusses Stone’s career, famous works and examines the main themes of his films such

A discussion on the story telling in “Star Wars” and on various aspects of fairy tales. This essay analyzes the movie “Star Wars” in terms of it fairy tale stories. The author provides several examples of known fairy tales and

Five short essays on elements of popular culture. The first discusses popular culture generally. The second examines cultural conflict. The final three discuss aspects of the use of the reflexive mode in literature and film.

This paper examines interpersonal communication in the film “American Beauty.” A discussion of interpersonal communication based on the movie “American Beauty.” The objective being to identify ways that interpersonal communication theory is understood within the context of the film. Application

This essay examines themes such as marriage and voyeurism in Alfred Hitchcock’s films Rear Window and The Birds. This paper explores director Alfred Hitchcock’s stylistic signature through a compare/contrast of two of his films: “Rear Window” and “The Birds”. The

Covers the genesis and afterlife of the 1982 film, The Thing, directed by John Carpenter. This paper covers extensively the creation and reception of John Carpenter’s “The Thing,` a largely unknown, but highly influential science-fiction film from 1982. The paper

Compares films’ depictions of West, values, gunfighting, 19th Cent. town life, directors’ messages & styles. My Darling Clementine ( John Ford ) & High Noon ( Fred Zinnemann ) John Ford’s My Darling Clementine (1946) includes historical characters and historical

This is a historical film review of the movie made about the Irish revolutionary’s life. This paper is a historical film review that analyzes Michael Collins starring Liam Neeson and discusses the movie’s historical accuracy. The author includes specific details

An introduction and discussion of the movie, “Bedazzled” directed by Harold Ramis. A paper which introduces and discusses the movie “Bedazzled,” starring Elizabeth Hurley, Brandon Fraser, and Francis O’Conner which is directed by Harold Ramis. The paper focuses on movie

This paper is about the film “Lone Star” discussing various aspects of the movie. John Sayles’ movie, Lone Star is about life in a sleepy Texas town. This paper discusses the genre of the movie, the style used and how

A personal comparison between two movies regarding the horrors of WWII and how they are similar while being very different. The comparison of two WWII movies and how they are both very important in teaching the history of what “The

The following paper is a critical analysis of Sam Mendes’ ‘American Beauty’, a cinematic portrayal of suburbanite squalor. The following paper is a critical analysis of Sam Mendes’ ‘American Beauty’, a cinematic portrayal of suburbanite squalor. The writer gives a

A paper exploring the meaning of the term “science fiction” and various literary works and films which have impacted readers and viewers. A paper written in question-and-answer form where science fiction as an art in literature and films is explored.

Explores themes, intentions, responses to rise & fall of Hitler & Holocaust in “House of Rothschild” (1934), “Great Dictator” (1940), “Crossfire” (1947) & others. The Holocaust was not a known quantity in the years when America was intent on fighting

This paper examines how courtroom scenes in movies have an effect on true jury selections. This paper discusses how certain movies and television shows today that portray trials adequately and correctly to the public viewers but there are some details

A study of the life of the great Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn. This paper describes in-depth the life of Audrey Hepburn, the infamous Dutch Hollywood actress. The paper begins with her as a girl, born into Dutch Royalty, she suffered

The purpose of this paper is to introduce and discuss the two Western films, “Shane,” made in 1953 and directed by George Stevens, and “Unforgiven,” made in 1992 and directed by Clint Eastwood. This paper analyzes the two films and

A look at what made actress Marilyn Monroe’s fans consider her almost godlike. A quick look through any magazine article or book about Marilyn Monroe is almost certain to turn up the word goddess. This paper examines why that should

A comparison and analysis of the two movies, “Gladiator” (directed by Ridley Scott) and “Braveheart” (directed by Mel Gibson). The paper draws comparisons between two movies, “Gladiator” (directed by Ridley Scott) and “Braveheart” (directed by Mel Gibson). The paper discusses

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