Examines 1990 TV docudrama’s portrayal of life, politics, ethics, law, human rights under dictatorship in Paraguay. The film One Man’s War, produced for Home Box Office and directed by Sergio Toledo in 1990, is an example of the television docudrama,

This paper compares the gangster film, “Goodfellas,” to the Godfather Trilogy. The author of this paper uses four films and quotes to illustrate the influence that the Godfather Saga had on the film “Goodfellas.” It summarizes each of the Godfather

An in-depth study of the love relationships in the films of Alfred Hitchcock. This paper explores the love relationships in Hitchcock’s films. It shows how Hitchcock used his films as a forum for illustrating the ongoing struggle for equality, recognition

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Style, images, suspense, characters, plot, symbolism and use of time in the 1958 film. The title of Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo (1958) characterizes the film quite well, for the director attempts not only to use the idea of vertigo, or dizziness

Analyzes racial themes & messages of 1989 film in context of Bell Hooks’ sociopsychological theory of the Other. Do The Right Thing When Spike Lee released his film Do the Right Thing in the summer of 1989, he concluded it

An analysis of the 1954 movie, “Rear Window” by Alfred Hitchcock. This paper introduces and discusses Hitchcock’s movie Rear Window. Specifically it discusses how the film draws upon the aesthetic traditions of previous film movements, genres or national styles. It

Compares 1995 films’ qualities, popularity, effectiveness, subject matter and sociohistorical significance. Films have an afterlife that is not always predictable, but for that matter the reaction to a film when it first appears is not really predictable. Films appeal to

This paper shows how Chris Marker replicates the initiation, retrieval and control of memory through the structure of his film, La Jetee. This paper explores the relationship between film and memory; specifically the method in which Chris Marker has attempted

The paper states that even though the work of William Shakespeare is more than 400 years old, he still is a major box office draw. The author states that Shakespeare’s plays live on with great popularity because they deal with

A paper which introduces and discusses the work of director Douglas Sirk, specifically the film, ?Imitation of Life.? The paper discusses the life history of film director Douglas Sirk who immigrated from Nazi Germany to Hollywood and became famous by

This paper looks at the depiction of women in the film making industry. The author argues that the inferior societal role of women is still depicted in the way female characters are represented in films and that the male patriarchal

A review of the 1999 film Boys Don’t Cry. This paper analyzes the film Boys Don’t Cry created in 1999, which explores how we identify gender and differentiate between the masculine and the feminine. The paper describes the story of

An overview of how the Hollywood Ten and the McCarthy Hearings helped create Film Noir. This paper helps to explain how Film Noir – stories which symbolize our nightmares and fears – was created by the fears during McCarthyism and

A study on the cinematography in the classic movie “Citizen Kane.” This paper examines Orson Well’s classical film Citizen Kane. It illustrates how Wells made the camera an active part of the dialogue and plot through photographic and cinematographic methods.

Analyzes addictive behavior of mob attorney Dave Kleinfield & therapeutic options in 1993 film. In the film Carlito’s Way, the person needing treatment services was Dave Kleinfeld, Carlito’s lawyer. No history is given of Kleinfeld’s drug dependency. The first time

A discussion on how the American Cinema has succeeded in depicting the realities in the present-day America focusing on director Martin Scorsese’s slow burn style in ‘The Color of Money.’ The following paper argues that Scorsese’s ‘The Color of Money’

Theft of copyrighted entertainment material. Looks at methods, bootlegging, copyright history, limitations, fair use & parody, court decisions, international issues, GATT and case study of China’s infringements. Piracy, Bootlegging, and the Entertainment Industry This paper will discuss the issue of

An analysis of one frame in the film followed by a discussion of the central theme of the movie in relation to the selected frame. The paper describes a scene in the film “Psycho” where the leading female character is

Cynicism, femme fatales, violence, love & sex in “Witness for the Prosecution”,”[Double Indemnity” & “Sunset Boulevard”. Most of Billy Wilder’s films have a strong aura of cynicism manifested in the actions of the characters and the development of the themes.

A look at the movie, “American History X.” This is a comparative essay dealing with patriotic, religious, and social symbols apparent both at home and in the movie, “American History X.” ” A symbol is a person, animal or thing

A review of the use of symbolism and imagery in the film “Fight Club”, an analysis of style and technique. A detailed look into the the use of imagery and symbolism in the film Fight Club. This paper analyzes the

A look into horror movies with a focus on the film, “The Exorcist”. This paper examines the genre of horror movies with focus on the movie “The Exorcist”. The author provides detailed analysis o the film, its events and characters

This paper analyzes the movie “Space Cowboys” from the point of view of two theories – semiotics and ideology. The movie “Space Cowboys” can be critically analysed by using both the theories of semiotics and that of ideology. Each of

Examines modernist philosophy & devices & their application in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Dr. Strangelove & Midnight Cowboy. Modernism is a term applied retroactively to certain literary and artistic trends at the beginning of the twentieth century. Certain modernist

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