National Park stretches over 1. illion acres and is the largest wilderness in the Southeast. Wetlands and swamps cover half of the land which contains 10,000 islands! The Everglades, called the “River of Grass” because the area is largely a

My sister and I woke up at six o’clock on the morning of our first day in Orlando after a sleepless night. Our first choice was to see Epcot Park, one of the numerous theme parks that make up Disney

Cardona Rosa Mrs. Miranda English 301-048 5 November 2012 Vacation to Disney World I always wanted to take my four daughters to a memorable and unforgettable trip. For years I had planned to travel to Orlando Florida, to one of

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The second reason to spend your vacation in Florida is that Florida has a lot of amusement parks. For instance, Bush Gardens in Tampa have a theater and they do shows on Halloween. Florida also has Disneyland in Orlando, which

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