I have always been a fan of John Legend and can recognize the sound of his music in my sleep; my admiration for his music may make my opinion slightly biased towards his albums. Everyone that listens to John Legend

It’s been ten years since All Time Low’s debut album, The Party Scene was released, and boy, does the progress show in their newest record, Future Hearts! The Maryland-based pop-punk quartet has taken a shift since their last album, Don’t

It’s 4:04 in the afternoon at Angels Care Center in Cannon Falls. After greeting wrinkled, half-asleep faces down the hallway, I make it to my final destination of the night: the 300 wing. As soon as I press a tiny

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Most people find the hospital a cold, strange, and miserable building that smells of sanitizing materials and latex gloves. I see it as an educational gateway into medicine. When doing our internship with the high school health science course, we

“Laugh often, dream big, reach for the stars!” That’s exactly what I do and I’m not planning on stopping anytime soon. In June I will graduate from high school and I already have my life planned out. In college I

TECHY. What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Techy”? Do you think it even exist in the dictionary? According to Urban dictionary, it is someone who has a particular affinity and/or obsession with technology. We now live

It’s hard for me to believe that I’m already here, at one moment I could recall playing across the childish earth but now I’m here preparing myself for college and my future. Everything lies ahead of me. I recall walking

“Wake up and smell the routine,” that’s what I thought every morning until the first day of my senior year. He walked right into my life about six feet tall wearing black skinny jeans, a studded military jacket, and dreads.

You will find me at the site of a terrorist attack as I will be the key to whether or not you know the victims. You might see me on TV testifying in court. People will approach me regarding information

The second row from the door and the third seat from the front. I had my head resting in the palm of my hand, with my elbow placed on the bottom left corner of my desk. My algebra teacher sat

Are you, your friend, or a family member a victim of cyber bullying, and want to put an end to it? Today in our society bullying continues to grow, and the bullies are not being punished. In Jonathon Strickland’s article,

The air filled the car with the strong smell of quaking aspen and bristlecone pine. Looking out the window I saw tons of trees, bright green grass, and mountains higher than I could see. Riding alongthe winding roads I continued

Over the Corse of my high school year I have had many different goals but the main goal that I’m still working at is to keep up on track with my work. I believe that this goal has helped me

Dear Future Roommate, I hope you like colors. I currently have 106 wall decorations hanging in my room. I have a few more I’d like to put up, but I’m running low on wall space. They range from old Mylar

So here I sit. I’ve finished everything. These includes my Spanish, my English, and yes even my geometry homework. After all the sweat and tears I’ve poured into my four hours of homework I can finally say I’m done, or

Bang! Crash! Boom! I skidded and spinning like a runaway tennis ball on a steep incline. But in this case it is me on a trash can lid sledding down a garbage heap tumbling toward a cliff. Why am I

To me, of the many flaws hindering the United States today, the one that stands above the rest is the slow drifting away from the values of faith, family, work, neighborhood, peace, and freedom that America was founded upon. The

Describe the world you come from- for example, your family, community, or school- and tell us how your world has shaped your dreams and aspirations. Plummeting 100 feet beneath the surface, suspended in perfect equilibrium, bubbles climbing past my eyes,

Have you ever desired some thing really deeply and went foward to get it but had to face zillions of trials to get it? Well if this has occured to you thenyou know exactly what I mean.In my opinion, in

Faking a smile to mask my ambivalence, I approached a boy sitting alone in the over-crowded cafeteria. I never interacted with a handicapped person before and I didn’t know what to expect. Before my lips could form a greeting Mikey

the future is unwritten because the future is never written as i am thinking of what i am doing after high school am i going to be a tattoo artist or a screamer or a lawyer like my brother robert

Every day, I create and build upon countless memories that have an extreme impact on my life. One very special memory, which will stay with me for the rest of my life, occurred when I first received my acceptance letter

Junior Year, almost to the end, close to being a senior, yet far from graduating. The question that never fails to be asked continues to come across with almost every adult I have a conversation with… “Where do you think

It was my first phone call. My heart was racing. I even thought about hanging up. I had called boys before, but this was different. I wasn’t calling to ask for a ride or about weekend plans. I was calling

As of January 7th 2016, African American females only make up two percent of medical doctors in the United States. Two percent is a discouraging number for majority of black women but I know that Clark Atlanta University will fulfill

My future. My. Future? As I grow older I being to question what my life will look like. The other kids will say confidently, “I’m going to be a math teacher! I’m going to be a civil engineer! I’m going

To properly answer this college essay, I would like to bring the attention toward my parents. I blame them for an array of things—a lovely home, a college prep education, delicious food, and a sister that drives me insane—but the

That inevitable question first hit me like a water balloon in the face while taking a nap in the summer sun. It’s a major question that weighs heavier on our minds as we mature. “So, Michelle, what do you want

College. An experience almost every adolescent looks forward to. From the classes, your education, the school activities, to the fraternities, the parties, and the new people. The freedom: you’re finally an adult. I’ve always wanted to attend college. But, in

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” That is the dreaded question for those who later on if life are categorized as “undecided”. As all my friends developed career choices, I was busy searching for the answer

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