The purpose of this lab was to see if radiation has an effect on the cultivated radish seeds that we used. From the observed data that we collected, we were able to conclude that when seeds are exposed to radiation,

Because of the process called germination, matured seeds can be able to sprout. Germinating seeds absorbs great amount of water. This water initiates different chemical processes that will occur inside the seed. This is also the reason why the seeds’

The lab seeks to determine the potency of NaCl by determining its effect in different concentrations on the growth of the seed roots. This served to give us a cheap and quick way to experience a bioassay experiment from our

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The Effects of Gibberellins on stem elongation in dwarf and normal Pea seedlings Abstract The effect of Gibberellins on dwarf and normal peas was studied under laboratory conditions in order to gain a better understanding of plant hormones. Problem: determine

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